Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Writer's Toolbox

By Nikki Wilson
(Sorry to those who were hoping to read one of Merry's wonderful blogposts today, but alas she is out of internet for now so you are stuck with me!)

A writer has tools like any other craftsman. Sometimes our tools are prose, analogies, or even spell check! But other important tools include writer's conferences, writer's groups, writing classes, and even Nanowrimo which helps us hone our skills in ways that are unparalleled. Here at Mormon Mommy Writers we try to keep as many tools as we can just a click away for your convenience.

That's why we have a resource page up above in the tabs. On this page you will find many different resources like American Night Writer's Association.
Which is a writer's group for LDS women which also holds an annual writer's conference in AZ. (It also happens to be my favorite writer's conference and not just because it's close!)

Another wonderful source is Write About Dragons, in which some amazing person recorded two semesters of Brandon Sanderson's creative writing class that he teaches at BYU, onto the internet for FREE! How awesome is that?

There are many other wonderful tools for writers on our resource page including blog entries about publishing, and self-publishing and writing query letters. So be sure to check out our resource page today and leave comments below of any links that we could add to the page to make it even better!!

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