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Al Roker Shamed My Husband - Betsy Schow tells her tale of visiting the Today Show.

What Makes the Perfect Critique Partner? - A how-to guide for, frankly, everyone.

What Every Girl Should Know about her Mother - There's no shame in thinking you're fantastic.

Squidward Can't Make Krabby Patties - A quick lesson in character development.

Writing Family Histories - A How To Guide

The Baby's Alive! - It's not what you think. Chase your dreams.

Through His Eyes - Seeing ourselves as God sees us, and seeing others the same way.

Talking Tuesday - Turning books into movies.

Getting Your Little Book Noticed - Tips for any author trying to market or advertise their book.

Genre Snobs - Which genre is harder to write and more impressive to your friends?

Everything I Need to Know About Writing I Learned from Buffy - What Joss Whedon taught us about storytelling.

Fifty Shades of Whaaaaa...? - The 50 Shades Phenomenon should call you to arms.

Write Away! - Little ways to maintain the "writer" side of your life.

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