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24 Hour Story

Okay girls... for Sassy Saturday (yes, it's saturday in england already!), I've started a 24 hour story. We've all got 24 hours to complete this story... so let's make it good. You're all welcome to comment as many times as you'd like to! Just make sure someone else comments in between! Oh! And any other reader is definitely welcome to join in. Even if all they want to do is add a sentence or two. Also, remember to write your ideas on a word doc first and then copy and paste into the comment box, since we've been having issues with ours!

Eeeh! I can't wait to see what happens!

The Reluctant Bride

Marni wasn’t taking no for an answer. This had gone on long enough. If Jessica was going to continue to throw a fit like this and not live up to her responsibilities then it was about time someone around here was going to call the shots. Marni didn’t care if her sister was older, prettier and more successful—who said librarians weren’t successful anyway? For crying out loud, she’d won the Champion Book Nook Returnee Award seven times in a row. Seven times. So what, if she wasn’t quite sure what the award was for, the other librarians in at least six other states would kill to have it. By golly she was going to be proud even if she had to plaster a smile on her face to do so.
She was good at plastering on smiles. Just look at what she had to do with Jessica—daily. Marni heaved a sigh and ran her fingers through her short brown hair while contemplating the gorgeous blonde across from her.
“Jessica, you can’t just back out now. You can’t.”
Her sister pouted and brought her long slim legs up underneath her on the couch. “I’m not getting married to him. I don’t care what you say. I don’t want him anymore.”
“But, you can’t just blow this one off. He’s an accountant, Jess. A really cute one.” Hot was more like it, but Marni would rather eat live slugs than admit it to her sister.
“No!” Jessica yelled it this time; her hands covered her face dramatically. “He bugs me.”
“Jess, you’re being ridiculous. You’re not even—“
“Look! If you like Damian that much then you can have him!” She reached over and grabbed a decorative pillow and smothered a giggle with it.
Yeah right. “Ha ha. You’re hilarious, you know that?” Marni turned her back to her and began to pick up the scattered Chinese take-a-way boxes that were all over the coffee table. Gross.
“There’s actually something I need you to do for me.”
Marni’s hands paused. Jessica’s voice had that edge to it, the one she dreaded more than--
“Could you just do me a tiny favor? Please?”
“What?” With a sigh she stood up and headed toward the kitchen trashcan, hoping Jessica would forget what she was going to say.
“I need you to tell Damian for me. I can’t face him.”

Kasie West said...
She willed herself to be shocked that her sister would ask such a thing of her, but she wasn't, not in the least. "No," she said evenly.

Suddenly her sister was right behind her, pulling on her arm playfully, "Marni, Marns, Marsa Pan, please. You know how whacky I get when faced with a hard situation. I mean, why do you think I said yes in the first place? Because he looked at me with his ridiculously good looking, charming smile and asked. What else was I supposed to say?"

She took her arm back and moved to the sink where she took her frustration out on a perfectly innocent plate, scrubbing the life out of it. "Uh, you could've said, no, maybe. Especially if you weren't into him. Jess, you can't ask me to do this."

Nikki Wilson said...
Marni sighed as she placed her foot up on the small concrete step leading to Damien's front door. She stopped before bringing her other foot closer. 'What am I doing?' she asked herself not for the first time. She wasn't sure how she had allowed her sister to talk her into this. She was pretty sure she had said no at some point, but somehow here she was, in front of Damien's beautifully expense house. She wondered how she was going to possibly tell him that not only didn't her sister want to marry him, but she didn't have the courage to tell him so. Panic suddenly took over, when it came to her fight or flight instinct...flight always won. Turning to leave, Marni finally breathed a sigh of relief. Besides it had to be easier to tell Jessica no than to do this. Before she could reach circle driveway lined by sculptured bushes, she heard a shout behind her.

"Marni?" The deep masculine voice that made her want to melt could only belong to her sister's fiance. Well, soon-to-be-ex-fiance. The distinction didn't seem to make her feel any better. As he shouted her name again, she plastered a smile on her face and turned to greet him in her best I'm-just-the-sister-of-your-fiance look.

"Hi Damien." She managed before tripping over her own feet.

Kasie said....
"Whoa," he said, rushing forward and catching her just before she ate it. "There's a sprinkler head there, be careful."

She knew there was no sprinkler head, unless her own foot doubled as a watering device.

"What're you doing here?" he asked, when she was upright again. "I was just on my way to see your sister." His bright, blue eyes searched hers intently.

An accountant, really? He needed to put his skills of instantly causing a women's mind to go blank to better use. "Jess," was all she managed to spit out.

"Yeah, I was on my way to see Jess."

"She didn't even call you?" she asked. There was the anger she needed to bring her thoughts firmly back in place. Her sister told her she would at least call and cancel their date.

Jenn Johansson said:

"No, I haven't heard from her." His bright eyes clouded over. "Why? Is everything okay?"

Grimacing, she shuffled her feet and rubbed her hand over her forehead. Why, why do I do this? She gets away with too much, too often.

"Well, no it's not actually," she started, but as his muscles tensed, she stuttered, "I mean, she's okay and um--you're okay and well, I'm okay, but um--"

Seeing the confusion in his face she just stopped talking and sighed, trying to decide how to tell him. She felt the intense urge to bolt sneaking up on her again. Instead of trying to find ways to explain the situation to Damian, she started imagining ways and excuses that would allow her to escape this situation as quickly as possible.

Nikki said...
Looking about her she noticed a pamphlet in his hand.

"Oh, uh, are you looking at flowers?" She pointed at the picture of a beautiful bouquet on the cover.

He looked down at the advertisement in his hand and his face lit up.

"Yeah, I was going to show this to Jess. They have the most amazing bridal bouquet with red roses and little white flowers in between with rhinestones in the middle. She's going to love it." He looked like a little boy who just got a brand new puppy. And now she was supposed to tell him his puppy was dead? Where was the fairness in that? She had to think fast.

"Well, that's why Jess sent me. She's got a headache and all, and she said she's not really sure what she wants anyways, so she figured I could help with the planning then she could just be surprised." Man, oh man, will she be surprised. Marnie knew this was wrong, knew she should just tell him the truth, but what if Jess changed her mind AGAIN? It wasn't beyond the imagination. Then she would have put this poor, beautiful man through the heartbreaking news for nothing. If she just continued to plan the wedding with Damian, she was sure she could convince Jess of what a mistake it would be to let this man go. Yes, it could work!!

Jenn said:
"Aww, that's too bad. I hope she feels better soon." He slapped the pamphlet against his hand a few times before looking back up at Marni and flashing that stunning grin.

"Well then, guess it's just you and me today. Would you rather go inside and I can show you the info I've got here? I suppose we could also do what Jess and I had planned. It's up to you, sis." The wink he gave her at his last word made Marni's knees buckle and she nearly fell over again. Grr! I really have to stop doing that. She drew in a steadying breath.

"Sorry, what was it you two had planned today again? She wasn't specific."Smiling at him blithely, her brain was moving so fast she could almost smell the burning rubber in her head.

"We talked about going to check out a few of the options for the location." At her blank stare, he raised his eyebrows and tilted his head to the side before adding, "you know--for the wedding?"

Kasie said.....

As they sat in the car staring at a cute little chapel with stained-glass windows and beautiful carved doors, he looked over at her. "So, do you think she'll like it?"

They had already driven by a few other chapels and also a wedding hall. It was too late to actually go inside, but the drive-bys were fun. They had also managed to hit a drive-through and she sat munching on some fries. She stared at the quaint chapel in front of her and her mind filled with visions of her own future wedding. She didn't know about Jess, but if it were up to her, this is the place she would've picked.

"This one's my favorite," he said softly. "That's why I saved it for last. This is where my parents were married."

"It's beautiful."

He reached over to snatch one of her fries and she automatically slapped his hand. He pulled it back with a laugh. "Wow, your fry reflexes are incredible."

"Yes, I'm very defensive of my fries. So for future reference, hands off," she teased.

He smiled. "So back home then?" he asked with a raise of his eyebrows.

Candice wrote...

“Can we just stop one more place?” Marni asked impulsively, not ready for their afternoon to end yet.

“Sure, where would you like to go?” Damien reached over and snatched a fry right out of her hand before she could put it in her mouth. She looked at him startled and then couldn’t help but laugh at the smug smile on his face.

“I figured you couldn’t slap my hand if both of yours are full," he said.

Marni huffed in mock indignation. “I think you’re taking this role of big brother a little too seriously. What are you going to do next, start intimidating my dates?”

“You better believe it. No guy is going to be good enough for my little sis! Now where would you like to go?”

Jenni James said:

Chapter Two

Marni paused a moment and searched Damian's eyes. They were almost sapphire in the dark confines of the car. Should I ask him? It's not like I'll ever get this chance ever again--and, and, besides it's way better for him to hang out with me than hearing that the woman he loves, despises him, right? Right?

"What? What is it?" Damian chuckled and revealed two of the most gorgeous dimples Marni had ever seen.

Instantly a wild pack of butterflies assaulted her stomach. Butterflies? Okay so more like bees. Before she could stop herself she blurted out, "Do you want to go to The Pier?" Ack! She gasped, and almost dropped her fries. The Pier was only the biggest make out spot in Riviera Heights.

"The Pier?" Damian blinked back at her.

Dang! "Uh--No, no!" she giggled nervously. "Not Pier, but--uh, peer. You know, let's go peer at something?" Why me? Why me? Why me?

"Um, sure." He looked at Marni as if she was mentally unstable before shaking his head slightly. "So what is it that you want to go peer at?"

"Preferably somewhere where you could take me out and shoot me," she mumbled under her breath.

Damian let out a quick blurt of laughter.

Dang! "Oh, you heard that?"

He suppressed a grin and glanced out the window for a moment--dimples peeking. She watched as he faintly nodded his head before he turned his playful, glittering gaze right at her, pinning her to the seat. "Admit it. You did say The Pier."

No! "I--uh--"

"Come on." Damian chuckled as he started the car and released her from his hold. "I'll take you somewhere better than The Pier."

"You--you will?"

"Yep." The car jerked forward as he put it in gear. "The duck park. But first, I'm in the mood for some ice cream, you game?"

Nikki said...

"Ice cream is ok, as long as it's Cold Stone." She gave him a smirk, hoping her mortification didn't show through.

"Oh I see, you're a picky ice cream lover."

"I prefer the term connoiseur."

He chuckled then turned his attention back to the road giving her time to reflect on her own stupidity. She couldn't believe she had actually asked him to take her to The Pier. Now he had to think that she wanted to make out with him. Ok, so what if it was true, but he was NEVER supposed to know that!

Now he was taking her to the duck park? Seriously? THE DUCK PARK??? What does that even mean?

Jenni James added:

At Cold Stone Marni quickly picked out her favorite concoction; cream cheese ice cream, with strawberries and cheesecake pieces. There was an awkward moment as she pulled her wallet out of her purse to pay, but Damian's arm shot out in front and laid a twenty dollar bill on t he counter.

"A gentleman never lets a lady pay for herself."

"I, uh, thank you." Had Marni been given a chance to think about it, she probably would've become even more embarrassed but just then one of her regular visitors at the library came bursting into the shop.

"Miss Marni! Miss Marni! We's gettin' ice cream too!" hollered a little freckled redhead as she raced to throw her arms around Marni's legs.

Jenn said:
"Oh! Hi Megan! I'm so happy to see you!" Crouching down, Marni returned the little girls hug. Then pulled back to look at her. "So, it's a big decision. What kind of ice cream are you getting?"

Megan's little nose scrunched up as she thought about it. "Ooh, I know! Cake batter with brownies n' caramel, that's my favorite!" Her big, brown eyes finally flew to Damian and she took a step back before tugging on Marni's arm to pull her closer.

"Miss Marni, dere's a boy lookin' at you!" Megan whispered quite loudly, before turning her scrutinizing eyes back on Damian. "I fink he wants to be your boyfriend." Giggling, Megan pointed at Damian as he burst out laughing.

Kasie said...

She knew she shouldn't have blushed. It only gave away the fact that she wished it was true. But, blushing was one thing in her life that she hadn't gained complete control over. So instead, she stayed in her crouched position next to Megan until she felt her cheeks cool.

Damian leaned over and shook Megan's hand. "I actually had my eye on you. You are so pretty you could be a princess."

Megan smiled then said, "I am! Just like the princess in the story Miss Marni always reads to us. It's called, The Princess Who Saved Herself."

On their way out Damian looked over at her and raised one eyebrow, "The Princess Who Saved Herself?"

Marni let out a burst of laughter then quickly quieted it by shoving a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth.

Jenni James just couldn't help herself:

"So are you ready for the duck park?" Damian grinned down as he changed the subject.

"Um, sure." Marni took another bite and then asked, "Do you go there often?"

He shrugged his shoulders and held the car door open for her. "Just usually when I take Max on a walk--so yeah, I guess you could say I go every night."

"Oh. Are we going to pick up Max first, then?" She ducked her head as she climbed into the seat.

He paused as he went to shut the door. Damian's eyes narrowed slightly in confusion and he lowered himself until his eyes were level hers.

Marni gulped. All at once she was very aware of the faint scent of his cologne that hung around them. His nose was only about ten inches from hers. It was the closest she had ever been to her sister's fiance before. What's he thinking? What is confusing him so much? Did I say something wrong?

"Marni, are you serious?"

"Uh, s-serious?" she nearly squeaked.

"I can bring Max? Really?" He closed his eyes and shook his head slightly before his gaze locked with hers again. "Do you really like dogs?"

Marni felt as if she'd missed something--some sort of clue as to why Damian was so intense all of the sudden. "I, uh, yeah. Doesn't everyone?"

He snorted and a cloud of hurt flashed through his eyes. "No. Not everyone."

Then it hit her, full force, like a ton of bricks. "Jessica told you to get rid of Max, didn't she?"

Damian didn't answer her, but he didn't need to--she could read it in the expression in his eyes. "When, when were you planning on doing it?" she couldn't help but ask.

He glanced down a moment at the ice cream cone in her hand, his shoulders slumped in defeat. "Uh, tomorrow. I have a guy coming by tomorrow to pick him up."

Tiffany added:

“Do NOT get rid of your dog!” She couldn’t stop it from coming out and there was no way to pull it back in either. Now what am I gonna do? She thought as she looked at him and his stunned, confused face. “Uh-- what I –um mean is… you shouldn’t have to get rid of Max if you don’t want to. But that is just my opinion and not many take it--my opinion that is--so there you have it take it or leave it. I am –um, am sorry it is really none of my business.”

A slight smile started to creep into his face as he looked at her trying pull everything she just said back into her mouth. “No really there is no reason for any I’m sorrys here.”

“But really, it is none of my business and I have no place to have an opinion about your dog.”

“I think I like hearing your opinion in this case,” he stated with a big grin. “I am starting to wonder about other opinions that might be in your head.”

Jenni added:

Marni grinned as he shut the door, but her smile didn't last long. By the time Damian had made it over to his door...

Nikki is dying for a happy ending!!....

Marni felt anger rise inside of her. Her sister was so self centered. How could they possibly be related? She knew she couldn't let him get rid of his dog for her sister. Especially now that Jessica didn't even want to marry him. She would have to think of something quick.

"Oh, I've been wanting to get a dog. What kind is Max?" She wasn't really sure what she was trying to do here.

"He's a black lab. He is very obedient. I'm sure Jess would love him if she would give him half a chance, but he jumped on her once getting mud on her outfit. She hasn't forgiven him ever since." He looked down, and began fidgeting with his fingers.

"Well, I just have to meet this wonderful dog of yours, let's go get him."

She decided that the reward of seeing Damian's face light up was worth anything. She could never regret making him smile.

Jenni James adds:

His dimples flashed as his seatbelt snickered into place. Marni decided right then and there that dimples should be illegal--especially his--they were that potent. She watched as he placed his cup of ice cream into the cup holder and started the car, then just as quickly turned it off.


Damian gripped the steering wheel briefly before turning to face her. "Marni?"

She could feel the plastic of her spoon cutting into her finger, she had begun to grip it so tight. "Yeah?"

"Have you ever--?" he paused and took a deep breath before plunging on, "Have you ever felt like you were making a mistake?"

Oh my gosh! "W-what?"

Damian swiftly unbuckled his belt and flipped around to face her fully. "I know this sounds completely crazy and-and rude and everything. And in a couple of minutes you can tell me that you never, ever want to talk to me again and I'd-I'd totally understand. There's just something i need to say while I still can--while I'm still not caring if I sound like a jerk who's just trying to brush off your sister. So please, just let me get this out, okay?"

"I--" All at once she couldn't breathe or think or anything. "Uh, okay."

Surprising her, Damian leaned across the car and grabbed her free hand and held it between both of his own. "Tell me, that i'm insane and i shouldn't marry your sister. Tell me, that she doesn't care about me--and that she doesn't love me--and that everything I've thought about the last few months have all been a stupid waste of time. Because--I can't sit by and watch her, and watch how she treats you--and, and, everyone else around her and not feel that I'm just some stupid pawn in a massive game that's she's playing. I can't. Maybe I could've before I met you--maybe. But there's just something different about you. something that makes me look past her to see something real and tangible and good. So can you tell me she doesn't love me? can you tell me i've been some massive pawn--so I can bow out gracefully?

Marni's breathing came in short slight gasps. There was so much to take in--so suddenly, she couldn't even comprehend he was really saying what he was saying. All she fully understood was-- "Yes. You're right. She-she doesn't love you."

He unconciously squeezed her hand so hard it was beginning to hurt, but she went on while she still could, "Jess sent me to tell you that she called it off. That she didn't want to get married. I-I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to hurt you--so, so I couldn't. I--"

Damian lunged across the seat so fast she didn't even know he'd done it until she felt his lips on hers. She melted. Instantly. For the last few months she'd dreamed of this moment and now, it was finally here. Damian Robertson did not dissapoint.

When he finally released her she was shocked to hear him chuckle out, "Well, why didn't you tell me this earlier? We've practically wasted a perfectly good day where I could've gotten to know you better."

What? "Are you kidding me?" She knew she was smiling like a fool, but she didn't care.

"I'm free, right? And you're single, correct?"

"Uh, yeah, but--?"

"And before you even bring up rebounding, I've thought about you much longer than any decent soon to be brother in-law should. The way I figure it, we've got a good three months to catch up on. Three long months." He leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips again. "That is, if you're willing to take your sister's hand me downs."

"Whatever!" she laughed as she smacked him. "Jessica's a fool!"

With that, Marni unbuckled her belt and threw her arms--ice cream cone and all--around Damian.

It wasn't until much later that either of them realized Max would have to help clean the ice cream off of the front seat.


Freaky Friday!!

I guess Jenni thought I was the right person to post on Freaky Fridays. I wonder what that means?? LOL! So for my post today I want to do a writing exercise. It's my favorite exercise I did last semester in my writing class. It's about showing not telling. Since I'm not really good at that, I enjoyed practicing it. Most of you probably don't need the exercise as much as I do, but humor me anyway! Here's the exercise:

Write two or three sentences describing somebody's character by the shape, posture, and gait of his body. Don't describe his head and don't tell us that the character is lazy or happy. Show these traits through body language.

Here's my example:

With another sigh, she grabbed a book off her desk and plunked herself back on the bed, propped up by her pillow against the headboard. Opening the book she flipped the pages, her face grimacing. Throwing the book against the wall, she got up again and walked slowly around her room; trying to distract herself with the pictures on her walls.

I look forward to hearing your brilliance!!


Thursday, January 29, 2009


Every other Wednesday, I attend a writer's group. I would recommend a writer's group to any writer who is starting out. After writer's group last night, a few of us hung around and talked about the tone of our particular group. In our group we make sure we encourage one another and give positive comments along with suggestions for change. Even though we are an extremely diverse group, it really has become a "family" like atmosphere. I can't imagine it any other way.

As writer's we already have enough discouragement and doubt about our work (most of that negative energy coming from ourselves). So make sure when you are meeting with a group that it is one that will uplift and encourage you, not make your doubts turn into road blocks that will bring you to a screeching halt in your progress.

Speaking of road blocks/writer's block. I notice that I get the most writer's block when I'm worried about what other people will think of a certain part of my story. So I try to put everyone else out of my mind when I write. It seems to help. What about all of you? When do you experience writer's block and how do you get through it?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

So today officially starts Wacky Wednesday. I feel so honored to host it. least I think I feel honored. I should feel honored, right? So my Wacky Wednesday started off with a chance to read a totally awesome MS written by the indubitably hi-larious pair of writers known as Jenni James and Kasie West, aka Abigail and Riley (their teeny-bopper alter egos, which appear in their new book). Let me just say that having just finished their brilliant, hysterical book, and having known Kasie for quite a while now and corresponded quite a lot with Jenni, I can definitely say that these two are infinitely more qualified than I am to be in charge of Wacky Wednesday!

So here's my Wacky Wednesday idea (stick with me, it's somewhat related to the previous paragraph). I was thinking of ways to combine Kasie and Jenni's names to create a pen name for their book (not that they want one, I was just doing it for fun), and it got me thinking about pen names. So have you thought about that too? Are there any you would like to share. Here's a few of the ones I came up with for Jenni and Kasie.

Jenika Westames
Kasenni Jaest

Cakey Wheezer (okay that's actually just the name I use when I have to sign into some website to see something, but I don't want to give my actual information and recieve a ton of spam. Yes, I even have an email with this name, though I never ever check it.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I guess it is about time that I introduce myself. :)

Let's see, I have two little boys (4 & 6) who are the funniest people I've ever met and I get to stay home with them which is absolutely wonderful. I also have a giant, polar-bear of a husband who is from Finland. He is 6'5" and I am 5'2"... we are like a walking skit.

I have a B.S. in Public Relations/Marketing and I've done a variety of different things in my professional career. Among them: Human Resources, Recruiting, Advertising, Sales - as well as owning and running my own day spa. I never imagined that I would really enjoy writing fiction.

Last January, I suddenly had people talking in my head. I didn't know why or how they got in there! After about a week of questioning my own sanity, I decided to listen to what they were saying. Turns out they had a fantastical story to tell and had chosen me to tell it.

Now, a year later, I have a manuscript that I am just finishing the last revision on. Hopefully, early next month I will be in a position to start the submission process. I expected once I finished their story, the voices would go away... much to my surprise, and I admit--my delight... they just kept going. After finally sitting down and outlining all the things they kept telling me, I discovered that my current WIP is the first in a series of at least five.

I have been blessed to meet amazing, talented and funny people through this project... most of whom are on this blog. So, I am very excited to be here and feel lucky you let me contribute. :) Howdy everyone and happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 26, 2009


My eldest daughter just went to a fireside last night called A BRAND NEW YEAR, A Celebration For Latter-Day Saint Youth. On the flyer was this quotation from the For The Strength of the Youth Pamphlet,"The decisions you make now will determine much of what will follow during your life and throughout eternity." This just seemed to hit me...Bam!!! Like a hurricane head on! I applied this to writing for you all today. How you may ask? All the things that I have learned throughout my life I have put into my books! You as writers for fiction, non-fiction, whatever can do the same. Write down all of your life experiences (if you haven't already), big and small. Make it as long as you like, the longer the better and I'll tell you why? You can use this in your arsenal of character development! Draw your life experiences and even those of your children, family friends and spouse. Use this to make richer fuller characters that people can relate to. Now apply this quote to your own life and make yourself a richer fuller character "during this life and throughout eternity."

Have Fun, Be Creative, Look Fantastic! It's Your Time to Shine!!!

Mary Olsen

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am so excited to join! Here is a little about how I started writing books.
I have been praying and fasting for the past year that Heavenly Father would use my talents to their fullest potential. I always thought it would be through the church but I wanted to do more. I offered to teach classes of all sorts and did a little here and there but still it wasn't enough. I am a crafty person and have been crafting for the past 13 years. I find the ordinary and make it extraordinary! So I sold my wares at craft shows, boutiques and stores but I still felt like I needed to reach a larger group. A friend of mine wanted to test market one of my ideas in Thailand and so I developed a t-shirt in a can that has instructions on how to change your t-shirt with only scissors, masking tape and the ability to tie double knots! Ideas started to flow so freely that I thought,"I should turn this into a book!" Thus Tie It Up was born.
I bought 2 craft books for the first time in my life (if I like something I like I just make it, I never thought to spend the money to buy a craft book). I bought these craft books to see how to make one. I noticed the good and saw a lot of confusion. So I decided to make mine easy to understand with photographs (I love taking pix and photography) and writing. So I made a fully designed, colored and photographed mock-up book. Then I researched on the Internet on how to get published. I remembered that Stephanie Meyers website had the steps she took, so I followed and learned a lot. I found great websites along the way and started querying ( I almost had a panic attack each time I sent one out, but after 100 or so that feeling left. You can see all the steps I took on my blog at After sending out about 350 individual e-mail queries I got some positives. 5 agents wanted to see my work! I was excited but knew that it was just a step. They could still reject me (and one did). My family prayed and fasted and I made sure I didn't work on Sundays (I wanted to show the Lord that I was grateful for this opportunity and I also wanted to show him how much of a sacrifice it was to not work on Sunday. It was killing me!). After 3 days of waiting I got another agent requesting my work and a feeling came over me that this was the one! I sent her my proposal and manuscript and after I told her the 9 other books I wanted to do, she asked to sign with me. Apparently she had already got the word out to several publishers about my book and book ideas and they wanted to see more.
So now we have finished up the proposal and she sent it out today (let me just tell you that my agent is worth every penny. She is like the uber/super agent as well as a muse. She seems to pull ideas out of me. Crazy weird!) So, I'll be hearing something by next week. That's the short story version thus far. I hope there's a happy ending to this fairytale!
Thanks again for giving me this opportunity to share! It is so nice to be around people going through the same stuff (as a writer and a mother) as I am. Can't wait to share more. In the mean time... Have Fun, Be Creative, Look Fantastic! It's Your Time to Shine!!!
Mary Olsen

Ha Ha Very Funny!

I just would like to point out that I did not put "Super Model" under my name. Now I have to set about finding who did and figure out a caption to take it's place. You guys crack me up!


Okay girls, due to recent spam activity! LOL! I've just gone in and found a way to make you all blog admininstrators. It took me a while, but there was a way to do it. So now, Nikki, Candi, Kasie and I all have administrative rights. EI: deleted comments, fixing blog posts ect. Let's use this power wisely! Muhahaha! Or not! LOL!

So as we post, lets keep an eye out for spam. ALSO, if you see a newcomer. Like, Mary Olsen, welcome! I just went over to her blog and invited her to join us after she left a comment. If you wanna check her out go to: The problem is, because there are so many authors on this blog (Who have author access) I do not receive email notification when a comment comes in. So I'll need help from other adminstrators to go out and welcome them in. Even though this blog has just started, i'd really love to see us actually go somewhere with this as we continue to help new budding authors break into this tough business.

I totally see this is going to be a super fun blog! LOL! Maybe eventually we'll do interviews and prizes and drawings and all sorts of stuff. LOL! But for now, let's focus on starting. If any of you have questions shoot me an email.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Introduction - Candice

So now that I'm a contributor, I guess I should contribute! My name is Candice, but most people call me Candi. I'm a stay-at-home-mom of one adorable son who is going to be four next week. I love to write YA and am currently editing the first book in a fantasy series called, Radiant. I've also recently started a YA romantic comedy entitled Jaded. I have a wonderful and supportive husband who makes me laugh daily and works harder than anyone I know. I also have a Heinz 57 mutt named Louie who has a beard and mohawk and a ferocious underbite. I love to read, write (obviously), decorate, and laugh a lot! I have lots of ideas when it comes to writing, but who knows if any of them are really that helpful. Either way I plan on sharing them. ;)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Favorite Writing Tips

Ok, so let's make the workshop for the week to share our favorite writing tips. Go to the comment section and tell us the best writing tip that worked for you. It can be an internet link, the name of a book, or just a tip. I'll start. My favorite writing book is "Becoming a Writer" by Dorothea Brande. It was written in the 1930's and it was absolutely what I needed. Her book talks about the magic of writing. She says that so many new writers find themselves taking classes or trying to talk or just be near published writers because they are so sure there is some sort of secret magic to writing that with enough training or exposure it will rub off on them. She goes on to say that many people are discouraged by the opening chapt., or class where it is stated that genius cannot be taught. They usually think this means they don't have it, so they shouldn't try. Dorothea Brande says this is absolutely false, she believes there is a magic to writing and it CAN be taught! After reading her book three or four times (I'm a slow learner) I agree with her. I CAN be taught, because I finally learned it! The secret is learning to THINK like a writer (among other things). It really is a must read if you find yourself starting to write, wanting to write, or just plain stuck. I also love Shannon Hale's "On Writing" section of her website. The link is on the right side of this blog. Please share your thoughts!!
Thanks! Nikki

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blog Workshop??

I really liked hearing everyone's answers to my last question. I enjoy the idea of using this blog as a workshop on occasion. We could do short writing exercises, or write a one sentence hook of our stories, help each other with our most favorite writing tips, write a showing not telling sentence...etc. Am I making any sense? Let me know what you think and what kinds of things you would like to do on here.
Thanks! Nikki

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What kind of writer are you?

I think the hardest part of being a new writer is figuring out what kind of a writer I am. Am I the type that writes a ton then my editing process just consists of cutting? Or do I write a bare bones story then have to flesh it out? Do I write better at night, daytime, or the wee hours of morning? Do I use outlines or just fly by the seat of my pants? Do I write scenes out of order or do I have to have a proper timeline to function? There are a million questions out there to answer and I still don't have them all. So my question to all of you is What kind of writer are you? Tell me something about your writing process that you have learned about yourself!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Romance & Monsters DO NOT Mix! Grrr.

So I'm trying as hard as I can to finish editing book two, while zoning out 6 monsters running in and out of here all day long. Right now, as I type this, my five year old is making super sonic jet sounds while pushing his hot wheels semi-truck around our craft table behind me! Ugh. For the record: writing while super sonic jet sounds blast in your ear, yeah, it really doesn't produce the romantical atmosphere I'm trying to get while I'm rewriting the LAST chapter--you know the romantical one!
I know, I know... like, I'm married right? I should be able to just turn to my sweet hubby and say, "Dear, after you're done playing Battle Dorks for the twentieth time this morning--could you please take the kids on a walk?"
Excuse me while I die laughing. Why is it, they think we'll be millionaires, so they encourage us to write--but then, they're like--OH! Well, she's on the comp, I might as well play my game too! LOL! Men, I don't think they'll ever get what a job this actually is, right? As in work! Okay, okay.. so it's totally awesome amazing work! That's more like playing than anything else... But still--heheh! He doesn't need to know that!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Turn! My Turn!

Hi! I'm Nikki. Jenni said I should post a picture. This has to be better than my "mummy" photo to the left! So let me tell you a bit about me. I'm a stay at home mom of 4 beautiful children ages 12, 10, 9, and 5. Three girls and one boy. They have pretty much been my whole life for the past 9 years (when I became a SAHM). Now that my youngest is in school, I was faced with feelings I NEVER thought I would have. I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF!! Can you believe it? If you were like me when my kids were home with me I kept thinking about all the things I could finally do when they were all in school! But when the time finally came I had a week of crisis when I couldn't believe they were gone. I felt so empty. Two things happened at that point. I decided to go back to community college to finish the last 17 credits I need for my associates in arts, and I started writing. Writing is such an adventure in itself. I absolutely LOVE IT! For the past five years I've been wanting to write but it didn't quite happen for me, as far as finishing a single novel. Now I feel like the Lord knew that it just wasn't the right time for me. Afterall, "To everything there is a time..." right? So now is my time! I started last March writing a middle grade fantasy novel. In May I finished a women's fiction novel that I started once upon a time. Then I went back to the middle grade novel and ending up taking two months to rewrite the WHOLE THING! I seriously only used about ten pages of the original manuscript! So it felt like I was writing my thrid book. I finally finished the rewrite and editing in November. In Dec. I queried agents, Jenni's agent liked my query letter and requested my full manuscript on an exclusive basis for four weeks. That time will be up next Tues. I'm hoping it will be a positive response. If not it's back to the drawing board. In the mean time I'm working on book two of this series. I'm really excited about it!
Jenni and I really want to get to know you all. Be sure to comment and tell us what you think of the blog so far and what you want us to discuss. If you're not Mormon, or not a mommy...No problem! We want to hear from you. The title of the blog just describes Jenni and I, it's not a requirement. LOL! Hope to be hearing from you soon!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jenni Here!

Hi Girls!

If you're interested in blogging away your writing adventure here, just comment me with your email addy and I'll invite you to be a moderator of the blog. If you'd rather read about our crazy stories you're more than welcome to! Also, any blog moderators I'll need pics of you! Isn't Nikki's great!? It's soo awesome! LOL! If you notice that's one of her monsters tying her up behind! hahaha! LOVE IT!

A little about me?
I'm Jenni James, author of The Austen Series. Since March of last year.. I've written 4 books and I've just started my 5th. They're modernized rewrites of all 6 of the Jane Austen novels. If you wanna know more. You can read excerpts of each book on my website--
I've got 6 kids, ages 2-12, I'm in the primary presidency, my hubby's in the military and we are currently living in England!


Let's introduce ourselves. Shall we? Ooh, ooh, me first, me first! :) If we put "intro" in the label of our post then anyone new visiting can just click on the "intro" label to read about all of us. Am I taking over here? I'm known to do that.

Okay, so I'm Kasie...erm...hi. I am the mom of four. Three daughters and one son. We live in sunny California (like really, really, sunny. 113 in the summer. But I love it!) I am working on a Young Adult fantasy series. I have completed four books (by completed I mean, I constantly read, change, edit, re-write, read again....and on, and on) and am currently in the querying process. I have been rejected a lot. Fun Times! While querying my series, I have started on a few other ideas. I love to write!

Aside from church, mommyhood, and writing, I love to read, boat, and obsessively check my email/blog. I'm looking forward to reading about all of you. Gotta run, my son just took his diaper off! Yikes.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Throw away your crazy pills cuz you're not nuts and you're not alone.


We're Nikki & Jenni--

And we are starting this blog to reassure ourselves that we're not the only crazy ones out there. Okay, so we know we're crazy--lol! But it would be helpful to know there are other moms out there who wanna break into the publishing business too! So if you hear voices in your head begging you to tell their story while wiping faces and juggling Relief Society assignments, then we are the right blog for you!! Come along and enjoy our zany adventures as we take the publishing world by storm and still manage to get dinner on the table by ten.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wanted: Guest Bloggers

Hello to all you MMW readers and lurkers! Now's your chance to be included on the blog. We would love to feature guest bloggers every now and then. Please email either or with a short bio of yourself. Include your name, genre of writing, what you have written, any publising credits, and how you found MMW. Then you can send as many posts as you would like. It could be your favorite writing exercise, an interview of an author, agent, publisher, etc. You could also start a discussion, or a round robin story. Whatever floats your boat. Please attach a picture of yourself if possible and of course a link to your blog or website if you have one. We want this blog to be interactive, so here's your chance!


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