Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

So today officially starts Wacky Wednesday. I feel so honored to host it. least I think I feel honored. I should feel honored, right? So my Wacky Wednesday started off with a chance to read a totally awesome MS written by the indubitably hi-larious pair of writers known as Jenni James and Kasie West, aka Abigail and Riley (their teeny-bopper alter egos, which appear in their new book). Let me just say that having just finished their brilliant, hysterical book, and having known Kasie for quite a while now and corresponded quite a lot with Jenni, I can definitely say that these two are infinitely more qualified than I am to be in charge of Wacky Wednesday!

So here's my Wacky Wednesday idea (stick with me, it's somewhat related to the previous paragraph). I was thinking of ways to combine Kasie and Jenni's names to create a pen name for their book (not that they want one, I was just doing it for fun), and it got me thinking about pen names. So have you thought about that too? Are there any you would like to share. Here's a few of the ones I came up with for Jenni and Kasie.

Jenika Westames
Kasenni Jaest

Cakey Wheezer (okay that's actually just the name I use when I have to sign into some website to see something, but I don't want to give my actual information and recieve a ton of spam. Yes, I even have an email with this name, though I never ever check it.)


  1. HAHAHAH! Jenika Westames is awesome! LOL! And WOW! Thanks for the shout out! LOL! You're the best! We're just really glad you liked it! hahah!

  2. Awesome. And having known Candi for quite some time now, I think she is more than qualified to host Wacky Wednesday. Don't let her fool you. I have never thought of using a pen name. If I ever do though you will be the first person I go to. You have proved through your suggestions that you are quite talented in the arena of pen names. LOL You're cracking me up. (Now send me more book)

  3. I have thought about pen names. I haven't found any I REALLY like but I have played with the idea of using my middle name, Rae Wilson. Maybe Raelynn Reynolds. Reynolds is my mom's maiden name BTW. But I'll probably just go with something boring like N.R. Wilson.

  4. That's it! As I have been formally named "The Princess" of this blog... *pinches Jenni* :P... I dub you both Jenika Westames or Kajeney Jestmes or Jennisey Amest! and you guys have to answer by these names for the rest of all time! Muahahahah!

    Bet you are wishing you didn't give me all this power now, huh Jenni? ;)

  5. Nikki, I really like the name Rae. My problem is that I need to shorten my name. I think it's just too cumbersome for an author's name.

    Jenn, I like the many incarnations of Jenni and Kasie's name. This is a fun game! :)

    Jenni, Kasie, What about "The Comic Book Giddy Mom?" Now there's a name of a super hero!



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