Monday, January 5, 2009

Throw away your crazy pills cuz you're not nuts and you're not alone.


We're Nikki & Jenni--

And we are starting this blog to reassure ourselves that we're not the only crazy ones out there. Okay, so we know we're crazy--lol! But it would be helpful to know there are other moms out there who wanna break into the publishing business too! So if you hear voices in your head begging you to tell their story while wiping faces and juggling Relief Society assignments, then we are the right blog for you!! Come along and enjoy our zany adventures as we take the publishing world by storm and still manage to get dinner on the table by ten.

1 comment:

  1. your background! Giddymom stopped by my blog and suggested I check you guys out and asked if I would be interested in joining you in your quest for publishing and blogdom...I'd really be interested. What would be involved?



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