Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Let's introduce ourselves. Shall we? Ooh, ooh, me first, me first! :) If we put "intro" in the label of our post then anyone new visiting can just click on the "intro" label to read about all of us. Am I taking over here? I'm known to do that.

Okay, so I'm Kasie...erm...hi. I am the mom of four. Three daughters and one son. We live in sunny California (like really, really, sunny. 113 in the summer. But I love it!) I am working on a Young Adult fantasy series. I have completed four books (by completed I mean, I constantly read, change, edit, re-write, read again....and on, and on) and am currently in the querying process. I have been rejected a lot. Fun Times! While querying my series, I have started on a few other ideas. I love to write!

Aside from church, mommyhood, and writing, I love to read, boat, and obsessively check my email/blog. I'm looking forward to reading about all of you. Gotta run, my son just took his diaper off! Yikes.


  1. Hi Kasie! Email me a picture of you! LOL! Nikki's cracks me up! And catch that kid! Why is it they run the fastest when they're naked? Seriously. LOL! WELCOME!

  2. I sent you my comic book pic. I look like a comic book vampire with how white it made me. :) In the pic, I'm thinking about whose blood I am going to suck next. It's a hard decision, hence the look of contemplation.

  3. Hi Kasie, nice to meet you! I think this will be a super fun blog!

  4. Hey have you Mormon mommies heard about the LDStorymakers conference?? It rocks! go to www.ldstorymakers.com and check it out. This will be my 4th year attending and I've learned so much and met the most amazing people! It's in Utah, but people come from all over--yes even Canada and the UK!



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