Friday, January 30, 2009

Freaky Friday!!

I guess Jenni thought I was the right person to post on Freaky Fridays. I wonder what that means?? LOL! So for my post today I want to do a writing exercise. It's my favorite exercise I did last semester in my writing class. It's about showing not telling. Since I'm not really good at that, I enjoyed practicing it. Most of you probably don't need the exercise as much as I do, but humor me anyway! Here's the exercise:

Write two or three sentences describing somebody's character by the shape, posture, and gait of his body. Don't describe his head and don't tell us that the character is lazy or happy. Show these traits through body language.

Here's my example:

With another sigh, she grabbed a book off her desk and plunked herself back on the bed, propped up by her pillow against the headboard. Opening the book she flipped the pages, her face grimacing. Throwing the book against the wall, she got up again and walked slowly around her room; trying to distract herself with the pictures on her walls.

I look forward to hearing your brilliance!!



  1. Dropping to his feet, Prince Alexander brushed his hands together and then wiped them on his now tarnished tunic--rubbing them vigorously into the golden stitched emblem across his chest. A half smile and a short swift raise of his eyebrows declared themselves as he glanced back up from where he had come. Laughter bubbled up and welled through him--promising to escape, if he didn't make haste and leave before he gave himself away. Throwing his shoulders back the prince gave one more parting glance behind him, before he crouched down and began to run.

    Hmm. Okay, that was fun! Who is this guy? I can't wait to explore more! heheh! Thanks Nikki!

  2. Jade stopped suddenly, she had reached the edge of the property and was facing a brick wall. It was a dead end. She felt her palms stinging and looked down at her clenched fists. Her fingernails were digging into the flesh of her hands and leaving deep indentations underneath. She unclenched them and held each finger out stiff and straight. She had to go back.

    Okay so that was a modified section from my WIP.

  3. Anna's heart beat faster and faster as she neared the splintered dilapitated door. As she gently turned the handle in deep anticipation, her heart and hand stopped at the sound of the screatching metal on metal. She could not and would not stop. She had already gone this far and nothing would stop her this time. With a new growing confidence she centered her stance and braced for the impact that was sure to follow.

  4. The phone dropped from her suddenly limp fingers and crashed to the floor. She started to back away, but her heel caught on the edge of the area rug, throwing her off balance. Pain shot up her back as she landed on the ground with a hard thud. It was over now, there was no escape. Her body seemed to know this and she felt it begin the process early by draining all the blood from her face, leaving it cold and numb. He knew it too, and he slowly walked towards her. The smirk on his face caused her to shudder. She squeezed her eyes closed and waited for fate to play out its hand.

  5. Finally coming to a stop, Brand pushed his hands against his knees. Panting, he walked backward for a moment. He stared at the shrine on top of the hill. Darting from tower to tower, his eyes tried to distinguish any action or turmoil within, any sign he'd been detected. it was as quiet as a crypt.

    Brand leaned against a tree, closing his eyes and rolling his shoulders back and forth. After a few deep breaths, he took some water from the flask in his pack and rubbed it across his dirty face.

    Turning to the branch-strewn path before him, he sighed and pushed one hand through his hair. He muttered as it got caught in the tangles. Kicking a rock at his feet, he scowled at the ground shaking his head. He squinted his eyes, casting one last glance over his shoulder before sprinting again down the barely visible trail.

    Wow, that was fun!

  6. oops LOL... 1-3 sentences... I guess I got caught up :P

  7. Wow! You guys are amazing! Maybe I am the only one that needs this exercise! Thanks for all the great examples! Keep them coming!

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