Thursday, January 29, 2009


Every other Wednesday, I attend a writer's group. I would recommend a writer's group to any writer who is starting out. After writer's group last night, a few of us hung around and talked about the tone of our particular group. In our group we make sure we encourage one another and give positive comments along with suggestions for change. Even though we are an extremely diverse group, it really has become a "family" like atmosphere. I can't imagine it any other way.

As writer's we already have enough discouragement and doubt about our work (most of that negative energy coming from ourselves). So make sure when you are meeting with a group that it is one that will uplift and encourage you, not make your doubts turn into road blocks that will bring you to a screeching halt in your progress.

Speaking of road blocks/writer's block. I notice that I get the most writer's block when I'm worried about what other people will think of a certain part of my story. So I try to put everyone else out of my mind when I write. It seems to help. What about all of you? When do you experience writer's block and how do you get through it?


  1. Ooh! I'm the same way! I have to just shrug off comements as I'm writing and get it all out there. Then once the story is written, i can go back and really see what needs to be fixed. But if I harp too much on the negative feedback, then I really struggle with finishing the book. Wow! I can't wait to host a writers group! eeeh! I'm just so excited to be part of this stuff! LOL!

  2. I love my writer's group too! I took a writing class at the college last semester and a few of us decided to keep getting together. It's been great! As far as getting happens to me all the time! Right now as a matter of fact! But reading what you guys have to say on this blog helps alot. So does taking a walk on the treadmill. I only use that as a last resort,'s exercise! LOL! But it is my tried and true method, it works EVERYTIME!!

  3. I take a bath or go somewhere that I know is safe and I can be alone. Most of my best ideas come to me that way. When I am driving my kids in the car or picking up, the ideas usually come rushing in. The more I meditate and relax, the more ideas I get. I keep a notebook with me all of the time because at the strangest moments (like during sacrament meeting or during a commercial) I get a flood of ideas and I have to write them down.

  4. arghh! this page is eating my comments...

    So basically I said what all of you said, relaxing, music, exercise, driving. But it was a whole lot funnier the first time! Mostly I just find that I get unblocked when I have fun in my writing.

  5. I have a harder time when I can feel in my gut that something is wrong with a part of the story, but I can't figure out what. Then I can't seem to skip over it, I just struggle with thinking past it. So I have to mull over it until I figure it out. Which can sometimes take a while. LOL

    I love my writer's group too. It is interesting and diverse and just fascinating!



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