Saturday, January 10, 2009

Romance & Monsters DO NOT Mix! Grrr.

So I'm trying as hard as I can to finish editing book two, while zoning out 6 monsters running in and out of here all day long. Right now, as I type this, my five year old is making super sonic jet sounds while pushing his hot wheels semi-truck around our craft table behind me! Ugh. For the record: writing while super sonic jet sounds blast in your ear, yeah, it really doesn't produce the romantical atmosphere I'm trying to get while I'm rewriting the LAST chapter--you know the romantical one!
I know, I know... like, I'm married right? I should be able to just turn to my sweet hubby and say, "Dear, after you're done playing Battle Dorks for the twentieth time this morning--could you please take the kids on a walk?"
Excuse me while I die laughing. Why is it, they think we'll be millionaires, so they encourage us to write--but then, they're like--OH! Well, she's on the comp, I might as well play my game too! LOL! Men, I don't think they'll ever get what a job this actually is, right? As in work! Okay, okay.. so it's totally awesome amazing work! That's more like playing than anything else... But still--heheh! He doesn't need to know that!

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  1. You could make your hero a monster and then your children would set the perfect mood for your writing. :) Oh, wait, you're not doing fantasy, that's me. Sorry, disregard that.



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