Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Be outrageous, you can fix it later.

By:  Kristi Hartman

Two Saturdays ago I attended a writing workshop hosted by my local library district.  It was engaging, informative, fun, and most of all helped me get out of my writing rut I seem to be endlessly stuck in.  The presenter gave us prompts to get us started writing, encouraging us to just get something down.  ANYTHING.  So for those of you who are sitting in that writing rut with me, here are some ideas to help you get out.

Here are some examples of 3 creative writing exercises:

#1- Write as poorly as you can, using as many cliches as possible.  Do this, because you need to allow yourself to write badly.  Do it fast, without regret or hesitation, and do it often.  And, because you can't fix blank.

“[A first draft is] just for size. That draft isn't any good; it isn't supposed to be; the whole purpose is to sketch out proportions. . . . I rarely have a very clear idea of where I'm going when I start. Just people and a situation. Then I fool around--writing and re-writing until the stuff gels.”
James Thurber 

#2 Stories live everywhere.  Practice pulling them out of the most mundane places, because you are the magic.  Write a story about an artifact, with any character that comes to mind.

#3 Write a story that takes place, beginning to ending, in 3 minutes.
Don't over-think things, just do it!

Now start (or keep) writing!  You have an amazing talent to share with the world.
Don't hide it under a bushel anymore.

“You fail only if you stop writing.” Ray Bradbury 


  1. Love this! Goes so well with my last post. I like making my characters have completely off-the-wall conversations that go off on random tangents and have absolutely nothing to do with the storyline and are completely out of character for them, just for fun. Then I laugh my head off and deleeeeeeeeete my little heart out.

  2. "Stories live everywhere" I really love that.



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