Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Introducing our newest writer Tiffany Williams- Nikki

My Muse Murdered Me

As the newest writer, I’m torn on what to write to make a good impression? I could take the, “My first talk in the new ward” approach, and use half my time to introduce myself. However, there is a bio page so I feel inclined to dive right in.
So here it goes, my writing, wait, what—I write? I used to write. Moving to Texas and leaving my awesome writing group behind has massacred my muse and not much writing is going on. She came back to me after I returned to AZ for ANWA’s annual conference, but alas, she was a zombie and once I opened the door for her, she consumed me, sucked me dry and left. Now, three months later, I have no brain and no new words on a page.
So how do I get myself to sit down and edit my awesome story so my beta reader can finish it and I can send it to the publisher who wants to see it? Yes, you read that last sentence correct. I have a beta reader, I have a publisher who wants to see the entire script and I have no brain. Do you have an extra brain? Or a muse for that matter?

Writing on your own is not easy and secretly I’m hoping, me being forced—I use this word lightly, MMW will not shoot me if I don’t—post every other Tuesday will be my shock therapy and get all the juices flowing. If that doesn’t work I will have to fall back on goals a pray for quiet time. Being a mom of three and babysitting three extra kids during the summer will not affect my goals, right?  
This is how I’m going to make time for my WIP. Round Robins with the kids. Four activities, 30 min. each. A timer goes off when it is time to rotate. As long as I get the twins (2 of the 3 I babysit, and only 3 months old) to take their nap at 1, I will have 2 hours of editing. Should we take a vote on who thinks this will work for me? I don’t want to see a show of hands.

Maybe it will help you, maybe you have no kids so it doesn’t apply to you—if you have no kids, my advice is: sit your butt down in your empty house, turn off the TV, silence your phone, disconnect your internet and go at it. You have no excuse. Then again, I know nothing about writing without children asking for snacks or tattling so you probably want to take advice from someone else.
The next thing that motivates me is having someone to report to. You will probably see me use you as my motivation. As I am about to right now. My goal is to edit 40 pages between this post and my next post (2 weeks). What is your goal? Hit me with it. We can help motivate each other, because it is hard to be on your own away from everyone who pats you on the back, bounce ideas around, and butchers your WIP so you can make it awesome. I have not given up on finding a new writers group, and nor should you.

I will leave you with my goal and your challenge. Have a great two weeks, good luck.

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  1. Welcome, Tiffany! Ugh, I SO need to set some writing goals for the summer. My goal this week is just to open my WIP and look at it (I set my sights very low to ensure success). I will hold you to your goal! It sounds like we might need some writing/editing sprints as well- those always motivate me to get going. Good luck!



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