Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Past-Present-Future: All in one place

My grandfather passed away a couple of weeks ago (that is why I have been AWOL).This was a sudden thing, especially after his heart attack last year and his valve replacement four months ago. No one thought a gal bladder removal would turn for the worst. My grandfather was 85 years old, had 7 children, one of them passed away a few years ago from a heat attack, 28 grandchildren, one also passed away a few years ago, and 83(and counting) great-grandchildren. Needless to say I come from a large family.
Many of my family members sat around my grandmother's living room staring at the floor while fidgeting in our seats. What do you say in those close moments after? Nothing felt real. My grandmother kept the happy memories flowing and soon we were laughing and crying about ketchup, root beer band aids and quarters. Sorry you have to be a part of the family to understand.
Soon we had a funeral date and hundreds of texts were flying across the states to bring our family together.
Recently my grandfather expressed his desire to have a talk on the plan of salvation given at his funeral, when this memory returned to my grandmother, the talk was added to the funeral program along with the eulogy and all the grand/great-grand children singing Families Can Be Together Forever. Calls and texts continued to buzz around the nation while flights were book and hard choices were made for those who would not be able to attend.
As I sat and listened to my cousin an aunt work on the article for the news paper the topic turned to those who have passed before him, a head count of everyone who is here, and how to add the one who will be born in a couple of months. My eyes moistened as a picture came to my mind. My grand father opening his arms to his son and grandson, who stood at the front of a crowd of angels. They embraced, tears of joy staining their cheeks. His parents hugged him next. A blurred shape slapped  him on the back and waved as they walked away. I thought this was the spirit about to join our earthly family. At that very moment a reunion started in heaven, while we were planing and preparing for our reunion on earth.
A great comfort came over me as I pondered the idea that everyone person, earthly and heavenly, that is a part of my family will be spending the next few days together. This idea never left me and as we all gathered for a picture i could feel all the angles squeezing in with us.
The Plan of Salvation brings me great comfort to know that I will be with my grandfather again, I will not be without my children and my grand children. My family numbers will only grow larger.
-Tiffany Williams
If you would like to learn more about the Plan of Salvation visit Mormon.org

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  1. So sorry about your grandfather, but what a beautiful way to think of him and find joy in this time of sorrow.



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