Saturday, October 31, 2015

Things Seen and Unseen

By Lacey Gunter

Happy Halloween all! For Halloween kicks my kids and I checked out a documentary from our totally fabulous local library about mysterious monsters. It is a 1970's documentary that explores the array of available evidence for such legendary creatures as Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster.

Aside from being interesting entertainment, one of the comments the narrator made got me to thinking. The narrator mentioned that there were lots of detailed eye witness accounts, backed up by polygraph testing, that scientific investigators refused to even listen to or consider. I couldn't help noticing the irony in that statement.

How often, as a religious community, do we hear science and others put forth the idea that if we aren't able to physically see God or the Holy Ghost with our eyes, how can we expect to believe that they are real? Yet here are numerous people putting forth eye witness accounts of these legendary creatures, and sure enough, scientists say that evidence doesn't even come close to being scientific enough for us to even consider it.

Such a catch 22. - We can't consider anything to exist scientifically if it can't be seen. Oh ya, and any evidence based on people seeing it really isn't considered scientific. Sorry!

Now please don't think I am elevating the ideas of Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster to the level of God or the Holy Ghost. Rather, I am suggesting that sheer reliance on 'scientific verification' for truth is more that a little too narrow. Or, dare I say, close minded even (Gasp!).  Yes, I did say that, and in sincerity.

So the next time you have a moment where you question your faith because of some 'scientific evidence', step back and consider the evidence you have collected and question the science.  Because if you are only relying on the things you can see, you are apparently on very shaky scientific ground.

Have a spooktacular Halloween y'all! And watch out for the mythical monsters, both in your NaNoWriMo manuscripts and in your neighborhood.

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  1. Interesting indeed, so many monsters who ma or not be real who is to say



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