Sunday, July 27, 2014

Planting Some Seeds

by Becky Porter

My kids go back to school this week which is insane even by Arizona standards.  

I know some amazing moms who get all dewy-eyed as they send their children off to the first day of school.  In fact, I know some moms who would be a wreck if they were in my situation: ALL FIVE of my kids will be in school for the first time ever!!  My youngest (I'm not allowed to call him "my baby") will be starting kindergarten!

Now, before you pull out a hankie and cue up the tears, I have to inject a dose of reality.  Sorry.  I adore my children.  Really.  I happen to know that they are some of the most amazing kids to grace the face of this earth.  But, I am not crying.  Oh no.  Friends, I am dancing!  I am absolutely giddy!  Think of all the wonderful things I can do for the three hours of morning kindergarten!  If you can't come up with any ideas, I can help you out there.

I have always loved the first day of the school year, even when I was a kid.  There's a line from that Meg Ryan movie, "You've Got Mail", floating through my head--something about a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.  I adore office supplies.  I have a strange compulsion to buy colored binder clips, patterned file folders, and dozens of composition notebooks every summer.  I long to grab everything in those tantalizing stationery aisles and toss them into my overflowing red cart (ahem; don't judge my Target addiction).

But the main reason I love a new school year is because it signifies a fresh start, a clean slate.  It is the symbolism of a fresh pack of crayons and a blank book that speaks to me.  And so, I set goals in August or September.  I make lists and more lists (I have to do something with my cute new notepads and pens!) and make grandiose plans.  Too often, I lose my lists and my enthusiasm about the same time which is, oh, approximately two weeks after I start working on my goals.

As I was flipping through my August issue of the Ensign magazine, I read an awesome article by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf that made me ponder what I can do differently this year.  He states, 
"Just as earthly seeds require effort and patience, so do many of the blessings of heaven.  We cannot put our religion on a shelf and expect to harvest spiritual blessings. . . . God's answers to our prayers do not always come immediately--sometimes they do not appear to come at all--but God knows what is best for His children. . . .our goal and great joy is to walk in the footsteps of our Master and Savior and to live good and refined lives so that the promised and precious harvest of God's priceless blessings can be ours."
Patience.  There's something I've spent a long time not having.  But I'm working on it.  And this time as I set my goals, I'll be doing more of it on my knees seeking the guidance of my Savior so that I can become the person He needs me to be.  He created me for a purpose.  He is the Master Gardener.  It is my job to put down roots and bloom.

*What seeds are you planting?  Any goals you can share with us?* 


  1. There was no hankie-pulling over here, sister. As soon as I read that all 5 of your kids will be in school I felt a little tingle of butterflies in my stomach and I thought, “Oh, the bliss! Oh the great thrill!” I agree, I adore my kids but I adore them so much more when I’m not with them all. the. time.

    I read that article today and I loved it. I don’t know why, but for some reason I really got that whole, “reap what you sow” thing when I read it. There are so many qualities that I want to develop, and I think I often slap a one-size-fits-all solution to them. I think I will spend some more time pondering what exactly I must reap in order to sow the specific traits I wish to see in myself. And I will ask the Lord to show me my weaknesses, that He can help me strengthen them. :-)

    Have fun on your first week of freeeeedoooooooom!

  2. I adore all my girls but when Jess started school and I had none left at home it was bloody wonderful

  3. Becky, this post is one of the myriad reasons I adore you! I love that you kept it real and still kept it spiritual. That's the best combination, and it belongs almost exclusively to you. Love your guts!

  4. I saw a great little sign once that read, "To plant a seed and wait is to believe." I bought it and put it in my kitchen. We never know what God is up to, we just keep planting!



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