Monday, July 7, 2014

When Stuffed Animals Travel

by Kasey Tross

Short post from me today because I was at the BEACH all day after a very busy weekend!

Did you know that my fellow MMW Anna Buttimore and I have been blogging behind your back?

I contacted her in April with a crazy idea I had to send her a teddy bear and have her send one to me for the first ever International Teddy Bear Exchange!

Well, it might not be the first one EVER but it’s the first one I’ve heard of. We sent our teddy bears off in June and they are tagging along with our families all summer and we’re blogging about their international adventures on our blog, The Great International  Teddy Bear Exchange. Come on over and see what these crazy traveling teddies have been up to this summer!


  1. Keep following too, everyone. I've no idea what adventures Charmin has in store, but Tag will be going to Harry Potter studios, and visiting some beautiful Essex countryside.

  2. Can’t wait! There’s still plenty left on our summer to-do list as well!



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