Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Advice I Need

Lately the internet and Facebook and pretty much every source of external info has been getting me down. That's unfortunate because we've had a fair portion of stress at home lately too. So pretty much an overall yuck.

Which is why I think I could really use the advice spoken by President Gordon B Hinckley here:

"I come … with a plea that we stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. I’m suggesting that we accentuate the positive. I’m asking that we look a little deeper for the good, that we still our voices of insult and sarcasm, that we more generously compliment virtue and effort."

It's a matter of what we seek out. Do we find ourselves looking for angry political articles? We'll sure find them! Depressing stories? Yep. People arguing about what to feed children? Of course. And all the vitriol is there for the consuming.

But so are the positive stories. The people who respectfully discuss their differences. The stories of love and compassion and light.

I, for one, am exhausted by the nasty stuff, and it's time I stop seeking it out.

So... A lady complimented my children today on how well they get along. We have a fridge full of mostly delicious food. Our heater, walls, and roof protect us from so much cold. When I couldn't remember the House colors for Hogwarts, I had a little device I carry around in my pocket to look up that info. It also keeps me in touch with people I love hundreds of miles away. I'm able to share these thoughts on that same device. I have many people in my life who care about me and whom I care about. We're finally free of a super crappy lice infestation we had. My baby sleeps badly but he's oh so sweet.

That's my start. Those are some of the great things in my life.

How about yours?

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