Saturday, January 28, 2017

Audio Book Love, Part 2

By Lacey Gunter

So I already posted about how much I love audio books on this blog a couple years back (Sheesh, have I really been blogging on Mormon Mommy Writers that long?). That post was about how audio books help crazy busy Mormon Mommy Writers keep up on the need to read other books in order to be good writers. Today, I am singing my praises for audio books for another reason.

Who out there has a reluctant reader they are mothering, or pseudo mothering?  Learning how to read is difficult for a lot of kids. Learning how to read well enough to actually enjoy what you are reading is a whole other story. Here is where audio books can come to the rescue.

Hopefully you live fairly close to a totally awesome library like my local library, Provo City Library. If you do, they have a spectacular selection of books on CD for kids, starting as basic as picture books. They probably also have a pretty great selection of online audio books as well. So here is a great idea to try.

Go to your library and either find or reserve several books available in both print and audio book form. Look for the topics your little one likes, in the level of reading they are on or just a little above. Half of getting a reluctant reader to enjoy reading is finding the right books. Then, go home and turn on the audio book and give them the hard copy to look at the pictures and try to read with the recording.  If you have several on hand, you can try out different topics and authors to see which one they like best.  If they fall in love with a prolific author or a series, this is the best because they are more open to reading the next book in the series or written by the same author.

You'll know when you have succeeded in converting them to a book lover when the book they want to read next is only available in print and they don't want to wait for the audio book to read it. Listening to audio books in the car on the way to school or soccer or dance is also a great way to help expose readers with narrow reading interests, to a broader array of genres.

Okay, blog post written. Now, back to my audio book!

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