Monday, July 12, 2010


Today, my husband dragged me out of the house to a place called High Falls. He had to scout out a place for their next boy scout camp out and thought it would be a good idea to bring me along. I wholly objected to this idea but in the end lost. I brought along a camp chair to set up by the river while he hiked around setting up an orienteering course. I had sat for a while, enjoying the beautiful day, the soft breeze and the soft pattering of the falls when it hit me. Out of nowhere three new characters popped into my head. The sweet Keely, out going Topy, and rugged Greg seemed to appear out of thin air. Immediately I grabbed a notebook I happened to bring and began frantically writing out a rough sketch of the characters and their relationships. Just like that a new book was born. As if I needed another WIP.

What are some of the strangest muses you've had? What do you regularly turn to for inspiration?


  1. lol, Sugoi! I had something like that happen to me the other day. I'm currently and frantically, working on a story now in my edits and need to get back in touch with my muse so I'll be writing, too.

    As if I need another WIP, too! ;)

  2. Seven kids, a husband, a dog and life provide me with more fodder than I can ever hope to write about. But somehow I've tried. I have six current WIP (although 4 have already made it through one or more drafts--a series). Oops, make that seven books. I forgot about the one lurking in my mind that made it onto actual pages this last week. And yeah, I'm supposed to be going back to school in a month.

  3. That's funny because right now? I'm trying hard not to be inspired by anything! I have too many distractions! But for me, it almost always comes from music.

  4. My inspiration normally comes from my own paranoia and tendency to ask what ifs. From there my imagination runs away.

    However, I did have a dream that had connections from my past in it, that lead me to a few characters and their story.



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