Sunday, July 11, 2010

Leaning into the Curves, my Review

I wrote this review a while back and decided to share it with our wonderful MMW readers! I hope you enjoy it!

This story reminds me of a coming of age read, but adult version.

What happens once the kids move out and have kids of their own? What about when the husband retires? What then?

Being a young mom of four, I have only to imagine life with an echoing, dark home and the husband off doing some project from day to day. It almost feels surreal because my life is so filled with nonstop things with kids always underfoot along with the man child.

Well, it was a surprise for Molly Mancuso when Hank retired. Sure, the kids had already gone off to live their own lives, but she had also found her own niche of favorite things to do. So imagine what havoc her life became when he had so much time in his hands?

Hank hopping from adventure to adventure within a period of a few short months drove Molly to distraction. Her life was no longer one of peace since she was in such sudden demand.

Until one day, he dredges up his old love of riding motorcycles.

Poor Molly nearly dies when he comes home with one--she'd never been able to overcome her phobia of them since the day she witnessed a death scene involving one so long ago. And what about when Hank suddenly decides to join the TRA, Temple Riders Association or a "mormon motorcycle gang"?

Life is never the same for her.

Authors Nancy Anderson and Carroll Hofeling Morris are artfully skilled in creating a world with real feeling that leave me empathizing for Molly. Though I would have a hard time connecting with someone so set in their ways to the point of annoyance, I still felt sorry for her when she refused to be a part of the motorcycle events. Molly won my complete admiration when she decides to face her fear and learns to ride one.

The story's pace skips from scene to scene about the first quarter--leaving me hungry for a plot to really chew on. It gave me the feeling of restlessness, irritation and impatience. It makes me wander if the authors intended this? It starts to deepen when the motorcycle is mentioned and Hank does something about getting one.

This book makes for a sweet, light-hearted read. It's about Molly's unwillingness to change, but how love helps her to overcome her fear.

My most favorite part reads:

"Her world was still intact. It had some cracks, but maybe that was a good thing. Cracks let light in.

And light changes how we see things, she thought. Maybe the cracks in her relationship with Hank would throw light on the parts shadowed by neglect. Maybe even divine light, the kind she'd experienced in the temple when she'd seen things so clearly."

For a leisure, heartwarming read, I recommend Leaning into the Curves!


  1. Thanks for the review. I've heard of the book, but no details. I, too have all my kids at home - those retirement years seem like eons away. I'm sure we'll laugh that we ever thought that when they arrive.

  2. I think this sounds interesting. I've never heard of it before so thanks for the review!

  3. You're welcome! It was a cute read! :)

  4. Ok , I really loved the quote from the book. It makes me want to read more.



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