Thursday, July 29, 2010

Marshmallow Wars

Last week was our districts Cub Scout Day Camp. As a favor to my mother I subbed as walking den leader for a day. On this day I learned something important about boys... they are predisposed to war games, and they are good at it.

I laughed as, after crafts where they made marshmallow bazookas, they shot them at each other, forming sides, alliances, and strategies. This went on the entire day, at lunch they did a sneak attack on their rival dens, they took prisoners of war and even eventually surrendered. It was a humorous though slightly unsettling sight to watch.

A few day's ago I was asked if I was a wall flower or busy bee as I thought about my response I realized something; the more I sit back and watch people the more I learn about human behavior and the more I can apply that to character building.

I really enjoy character building, I love getting to know new people and as that is essentially getting to know new people it's fun. I can let my imagination run with it and come out with a totally unbelievable yet perfect character. However, for those times when I need a believable character I find that I can draw on the behaviors and motives that I have observed and learned about people.

So the next time I have to write in a boy I'll remember to through in some fun war games.


  1. Excellent post, Sugoi. That's so true about the boys...I have boys that are total marshmellows inside, but are rough and tumble and think shooting things is the coolest thing ever, lol.

  2. People watching is the best and a scout marshmellow war is bound to spark more than one great character.

  3. Marshmallow bazooka guns are wonderful fun! As for people watching, I think I should do more of that. I tend to people ignore. I get too caught up in my own imaginary world.

  4. I think I was in second grade and about four of us girls in the neighborhood loved playing war games in each other's backyards and one open field. Honestly, I do not know where we learned all our spying and terminology! This went on until one day my mom asked what I'd been doing with my friends. Not sure what she did, but the war games ended.

  5. Had a pack meeting in my backyard yesterday. Those boys crack me up. Bring in something to throw, destroy or the word fart, and they're yours forever.



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