Friday, April 22, 2011

The Birthday Week

by Cheri Chesley

Yesterday was kind of a big day at my house. My twins turned 12, and their little sister turned 7. Some years ago, I wrote poems for each of my children. I've shared them online this week.

You can read Jeffrey's poem HERE.

You can read Daniel's poem HERE.

And I'm going to share Rianne with you now:


When I gaze into your eyes,
I know God has a sense of humor.
Otherwise he would have sent you
to me long ago.
You are such a lovely girl.
My little mirror,
I can’t accept
I was ever so beautiful.
I know I was not so quick
or brilliant as you are.
Siblings should not compete
or I’d say God saved the best
for last.
You embody the best of all
your older siblings.
Every day I wonder,
What will you think of next?
Your vocabulary may already be
bigger than mine.
You will grow, my baby,
and will excel in all you do.
I will miss you as my baby,
but rejoice in the woman you will be.

May 29, 2006

Because I have perfectionist issues, I'm going to tell you I'm not as satisfied with this poem as I am with the other two. I wanted to write something that expressed who she is, and I wrote it when she was 2--and she's become so much more since then.

I might just have to try again. :)

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