Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stand for Truth and Righteousness

I don't know about you, but I've grown up hearing the phrase "Stand for Truth and Righteousness".  And as a teen, I needed to stand often and should have stood more, but as an adult I've been able to make my own world or bubble that enables me to surround myself with good people and good input.  I usually can just make decisions to keep bad things out of my life and I don't really have to make a stand.  But as I've entered the world of e-books I've discovered something that makes me want to stand up and say, "This isn't ok!"  I'm talking about going onto e-book sites and browsing for books and finding erotica with pornographic covers.  I usually find these things on the $5 and under e-book lists.  This is disturbing to me on many levels.  First because I don't want to see it!  I have images burned into my head that I just didn't want there.  And secondly, because I know teenagers that have e-readers that are hooked to these e-book providers.  My own daughter wants to go digital with her books, but I can't in good conscious let her when pornography is waiting for her in the form of book covers.  I wrote to one of the book providers and got told that while there are parental controls that can prevent your or your teen's account from purchasing such books, there are no filters preventing these covers from showing up on your browsing screen.  I realize that the e-book world is new and nobody really knows how to handle these new problems as they occur, but if we don't stand and let them know how big a problem it is, they may never do anything about it.  Now I'm not a prude and I'm not talking about suggestive covers here, I'm talking about some very disturbing stuff that are on some of these covers.  If you have found this to be a problem as I have, please take five minutes to write an email to these providers.  I realize if my child wants to find pornography, they will find it, but I want them to have to work to find it and not for an innocent child to stumble upon it and suddenly become hooked because of what they accidentally saw.  I know I'm on my high horse right now, but this is the biggest problem I have with e-books right now, but I think it's a problem that can be fixed.  If the Christian world were to come together, I'm sure we could help the e-book providers come up with a solution.  So let's stand for what we believe in and not be afraid to say, "This isn't ok!"

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  1. I think you totally right, and this isn't a high horse, it's a real issue. I heard once that 100% of twelve-year-old's have seen pornography. It's that accessible. This is one of Satan's ways of trying to hurt our families and should be fought with a vengeance.

    Of course, the issue is so widespread we can never eliminate it, but we can teach our children. We can write to these people, and we can fight it!

    Our kids are going to face it, but the least we can do is show them that's it's not okay!



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