Monday, April 11, 2011

How My Son Learned to Enjoy the Scriptures

When I started reading the scriptures to my son, I'd read only a verse or two. His mind was on more important things like pulling on his baby sister's limbs and what can I eat next? After our very succinct scripture reading, I'd repeat the verses in a way a four year-old might understand. (After awhile, he caught on and started interrupting my reading with, "Yes, but what does it MEAN?)

Lately I've found a great online tool that has sparked his interest in the scriptures much better than his boring mom ever did. Remember the scripture storybooks we read as children? There are now narrated videos on you can watch with the storybook pictures. My son loves it. He's always excited to watch another, and he's learning his stories.

Now this fascination with scripture stories is a blessing to see, but's not so much Moses or Nephi or Captain Moroni that he cares for.

No. It's the...

River of Blood!
Laman and Lemuel!
Evil King Noah!

You get the picture. Whenever I pick out a new story, he asks, "Are there BAD GUYS in it?" Yes, my son only cares for the bad guys in the scriptures, and I can only hope it is not because he wants to emulate them.

Whatever gets him reading the scriptures, right?

(You can also find pages from the storybooks at the same link. Really, if you get started you will find an explosion of tools for your children on Some of you may already know this, but as a not-yet seasoned mom, the children's side of our church's website is still pretty new and exciting to me.)


  1. I had no idea that was there! Thanks for the info.

  2. That is so cool. It must be new to the website, I did't know it was ther either. Though my children loved the book of Mormon videos and there favorite was Ammon because he cut off all those arms. I think all children are just a bit demented that way.

  3. Lisa-There are puzzles and games for children to play under the Friend magazine.

    Nikki-I tried to keep that story from my son for awhile, but somehow he knows. (Primary?) I don't think he really gets that Laban had his head chopped off, though. For now, Laban only FELL ASLEEP in the street and died...somehow.



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