Sunday, December 8, 2013

Inspiration Notebooks

Nanowrimo just ended and I did not write 50,000 words of a novel. Starting out the month I knew that I would not be able to complete it. I have been working on a story called The Hope Chest and it is a story about my grandparents and their lives during a period while they were engaged. My grandpa was called away to World War II and didn’t return for four years. With each chapter I write I read several letters, my grandpa’s journal and research with history books. It is a project that I love, but has taken several years to get the story the way I want it. I am almost done and hope to finish by next April.

I also write on my genealogy blog Sharing Apples and for a web site called Family Storytelling. On top of that I get ideas and write them down. In the past I have just written down phrases or ideas on random pieces of paper. Slowly I started collecting notebooks. Specific notebooks for each thing I am writing. I keep a notebook in my car, one in my purse, in my bedroom and wherever I might need it.

I met an author that has several books out and she was talking about all her notebooks that she keeps. It made me feel good that I wasn’t the only one who did that.

I get those creative ideas and I need to get them down whenever, wherever. What do you do to keep track of your ideas? Do you have a stash of notebooks too?


  1. Ha ha, I wish I had a stash of notebooks! I was getting ready to sit down and write the other day and I had to go grab a receipt from my purse, a scrap of paper I had been using as a bookmark, a bill envelope, and a notebook page (from my bathroom, lol). That’s where I write my ideas! But, what a novel idea! I shall have to try that. :-)

  2. I am a notebook junkie, as well. I also use the Notes app with voice command on my iPhone all of the time. Thank heavens for technology, especially when I'm driving in my car!



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