Saturday, December 7, 2013

TTFN, asta la pasta, and all that other jazz

-by Betsy Schow

So long. Farewell. I can't spell alf feeder zane so goodbye!

This is my last post for MMW. Now, now, dry your tears. (since I can't see you, I can pretend what I want)

I'll still be around on my own site,  I figured I should actually invest some time in my OWN author's site.

I know I claimed hermitage, but I really will miss scrambling to find something that people might actually want to hear about.

On the exit note, being an MMW is hard. Not the blogging MMW, the Mormon Mommy Writer balancing act for all of us. Finding time for writing, family, and callings in our faith seems impossible some days. And yet, you all do it. You are my heroes.

A few parting pieces of wisdom.

A dream is never over until you decide you are awake.

While a story is never perfect, that means any mistakes can always be fixed and improved so you can get that YES!

Writing always reads better when you are having fun

Be original, because there is only room for one series of sparkly abbed vampires.

Never, Ever, EVER give up what you want in life. Doesn't matter if it takes 1 book, or 50. The only way to fail at being a writer is to stop writing.

Love y'all.



  1. We will miss you Betsy!! But I wish you much luck on your own site- I will be sure to follow you. Thanks for all of your inspiration and insights. :-)

  2. We will definitely miss you, Betsy! Thank you for all of your advice and wisdom, and good luck with your site and journey!

  3. Pout. We will miss you!!

  4. sorry to read this, but I understand! I follow your blog, so I'll stay connected. God's blessings on all your new endeavors!

  5. Awww, I will be sad to longer share Saturdays with. Best of luck though. You have great things to come.



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