Friday, April 4, 2014

April's A-Z Challenge

Are you familiar with the A-Z Blogging Challenge?  It occurs every April.  Bloggers work their way through the alphabet, one letter at a time, Sundays off.  On April 1, they write a short post on something starting with A.  On April 2, it's the letter B, and so on.

This is my third year in the challenge, and I recommend it because it hones writing skills like nothing else.  It builds creativity and discipline.  It's an awesome way to connect with other like-minded bloggers.  If you want to exercise your brain, meet fellow believers, and expand your network, sign up next year (the blog list is closed for this year, as April has started.)

Just over 2,000 bloggers signed up this year.  Not only do you write a letter post a day, you visit other blogs on the link list.  They are coded as writing blogs, crafting blogs, personal blogs, lifestyle blogs, book blogs, etc., so you can view only ones that interest you.  It's a phenomenal way to reach out and meet other writers. 

Today is Day 3 of the A-Z Challenge, so the letter C is the star.  Here's my 'C' post, if you'd like to get a sample of a Challenge post:  C IS FOR CHRISTMAS.  Once there, you can scroll down my blog for B (Brownies) and A (Adventures) posts.    

It's beneficial to write posts ahead of time - I write them all year long and save them as drafts, so come April, I'm all set.  I can then spend my time blog hopping and meeting new blog buddies.  I have found editors and writers' groups this way. 

The Challenge is overseen by several managers.  Links that are dead, or bloggers who are not following the rules are eliminated.  The A-Z site is up all year round for questions and support.  Arlee Bird is the brain child of the A-Z Challenge.  You can meet him and the other managers here:  A-Z BLOGGING CHALLENGE Site.

If your writing needs a little kick in the pants, think about linking up with the A-Z Challenge next spring.  Start writing posts NOW!  (In fact, NOW is a good N word.)

Tomorrow, the letter D - Downton Abbey.  If you're an Abbey fan, stop by ADVENTURES IN THE BALLPARK.

I'll see ya' in two weeks, when I'm writing about the letter R.  (Religion, Ruffles, Rolaids?  Hmm...)

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  1. I've never heard of it, but it sounds fun! And your next title for R is hilarious...



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