Saturday, April 5, 2014

Conference and Poetry

By Lacey Gunter

April is a wonderful month. The start of Spring and the celebration of Easter and the resurrection are a few of the reasons. But for Mormon mommy writers there are at least two other reasons to look forward to April.

April is always General Conference month for Mormons. This is a time we gather together to listen to apostles and prophets teach us the things God wants us to know in our day and age. It is inspiring, uplifting and uniting. I always end the weekend with a desire to become a better person and having gained a better understanding of how to do that.  What is more exciting, is knowing that millions of people all around the world are doing the same thing. What a powerful force for good we can become; and it all starts today!

April is also National Poetry Month. In our household, rhyming is practically a pastime. My kids think nearly anything can be made more fun by putting it to verse. So what better way to celebrate, than to combine these two April favorites. So, here is my Conference weekend  limerick.

 There once was a girl from West Valley
Who wanted her family to rally
Where virtues are taught
And spirits are wrought
For their part in the grand finale.

Have a great weekend and a most lovely April!


  1. :-) Your poem makes me smile. And so does General Conference! So I’m just grinning from ear to ear! ;-)

  2. I love the poem! What a fun combination of two glorious events. :)

  3. A great poem by a great woman



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