Sunday, May 25, 2014


This will be my last post. I have really enjoyed writing for this blog for the last 7 months. It was hard to decide what to do, but I feel like right now I really need to concentrate on my own personal writing. I do love reading all of the posts and will be a frequent visitor. I wrote this article for my mom, her mom and so on. I come from amazing women that I strive to be like. Never forget where you come from. Talents are often passed down through generations. I never knew when I was younger, but as I have done more genealogy I have learned several women from various parts of my family tree who were writers, teachers and mothers. I strive to be half as wonderful as them. Enjoy! 
Abraham Lincoln said, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” Isn’t this statement so true? I feel that it can be true to every single person. If you had a wonderful mother, who was everything that a mother should be than you want to be like her, thank her by having a wonderful life. There are some who didn’t have such wonderful mothers, who maybe made the wrong choices and that weren’t around. But you still owe everything that you learned to that person. Your experiences growing up made you the person who you are today, good and bad.

A few years ago my brothers and sisters and I wanted to make a picture for our mom and grandma. I went and found pictures as far back as I could go. As I have looked at those names, memorized each face I have learned more and more about each woman. What they were like and what they passed down from generation to generation. 

I learned from my mom, Janeen, to be strong and giving. That I can be a fun mother who puts her kids first. We learned from my grandma, Merle, how to be faithful, kind and how to love. Mary Viola Allred, my great grandmother, was patriotic, faithful through storms, and always knew how to make us laugh. My 2nd great grandmother, Mary Eliza Tracy was a quiet woman, content with her life and supported her husband and church. Emma Maria Burdett was an inspiration of love, she’s my 3rd great grandmother and she was beautiful. She passed down her faith, talents and love.

I am so thankful for these wonderful women to learn from, it reminds me of a quote by Virginia Woolf, “For we think back through our mothers if we are women.”


  1. This is so touching, Dani. Thank you for sharing this. You do seem to be very blessed to come from a long line of wonderful mothers, and I'm sure your children and grandchildren will say the same of you one day (if they don't already)! Thank you for sharing your talents with us over these last several months!

  2. Mothers are usually so caring and loving, usually not always I have known some terrible mothers not mine of course mine is priceless, like her mum was and her mother's mum I come from a long line of priceless women. I am so pleased you wrote this and shared it with us.........also you will be missed

  3. What a beautiful tribute to the women in your life. I love the frame with all the pictures. Good luck with your own writing. It's difficult to discern sometimes what path we need to take. God bless you!



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