Friday, May 30, 2014

Why I Stopped Watching Parenthood


(Even if you've never seen Parenthood, you'll have an opinion about this post.)

When I first starting watching Parenthood a few years ago, Max had just been diagnosed with Asbergers, a form of autism.  This was an interesting and informative story line.  Our daughter teaches teens with Asbergers, and the show brought attention to this complex issue.
jason ritter parenthood
Other story lines included losing a business (Adam's), teen angst, the effect of divorce on Sarah's kids, a stay-at-home Dad (Joel), weary working moms, an out of wedlock grandson (Jamal), the emotional disconnection that sometimes occurs in a marriage of 30+ years (Zeke and Camille), and adoption.  I thought from the beginning, these characters were a bit shallow, but the story lines were significant.  They were true to life challenges.

Then...the show became more about sexual escapades.  Crosby slept with his nephew's tutor, ruining his chance for love and reconciliation with his son's mama.  Sarah began an affair with her son's teacher.  Zeke admitted to being unfaithful to Camile.  Adam became tempted by a young coworker.  Haddie, a teen, slept with her boyfriend for the first time.  Sarah broke up with the teacher and began a relationship with her coworker, which, of course, led to a sleepover.  Drew, just out of high school, got his girlfriend pregnant (she had an abortion.)  Amber fell for a young soldier, and the relationship quickly became sexual.  Enough, already, I thought.

The story line that kept me watching was Kristina's breast cancer.  It was real and touching and important.

Then, Joel returned to work, and his wife Julia became enmeshed in a male friend's marital break-up.  She eventually kissed the friend, causing Joel to leave her.  Later, Julia sought out the friend again; the viewer was left to wonder how far things went.  From the beginning, Joel and Julia's marriage was the only stable one on the show.  The writers must have decided a solid marriage was no longer worth writing about.

That's when I decided, with some disappointment, I needed to quit watching.  My final viewing was the season finale, where Haddie brought home from college her lesbian girlfriend.  I almost laughed.  The writers apparently wanted sexual freedom to be represented across all avenues. 

I thought of the scripture verse that tells us to focus on things that are "good and pure and holy."  I just began to feel sleazy after soaking up an hour of Parenthood.  I don't want to feel that way anymore. 

I'm making no judgments about those love Parenthood, or the Kardashians, for that matter.  God gave us free will to make choices about what we allow into our minds and hearts.  I'm making a choice for myself. 

So, goodbye Braverman family.  We shared some good times, but I need to move on.

p.s. Do you watch Parenthood?  What are your thoughts?


  1. I don’t watch Parenthood, but there are plenty of other shows that I have eventually deleted off my DVR for the very same reason. My current favorite family show is a comedy, “The Middle.” It’s funny, it’s clean, and it promotes the idea that even though our families aren’t perfect, we’re still family so we stick together, no matter what. The only other shows I watch are Bones, Castle, and The Voice. Oh, and Long Island Medium. :-) The relationships in Bones and Castle aren’t always squeaky clean, but at least they’re monogamous! And they’re not the focus of the show, so that helps.

    A friend posted something on facebook the other day about how frustrated he was that a show he’d started watching got ruined for him because the writers decided to glorify a homosexual relationship. He said that he found it ridiculous that every show seemed to feel the need to tout at least one such character or relationship when only about 3.5% of the American adult population identifies as LGBT. He felt it was trying to create the illusion that homosexuality is a mainstream issue, and funny enough, someone commented on his post that “they did the same thing to Parenthood too.”

    [Side note: I have had friends who identify as LGBT, and I love them as my brothers and sisters even though I don’t agree with their choices. Just in case anybody reading this attempts to turn it into a homophobic rant. :-)]

    I think in general we have to be so careful of what the media portrays and how it sneaks into our minds and can shape our attitudes and acceptance levels without us even realizing it. I have even stopped watching many sitcoms because I got so tired of seeing fathers portrayed as bumbling idiots, and I don’t want that kind of mentality in my home, because I love and respect my husband and I want my kids to know that he is a valued member of our family, and that all fathers and husbands should be, just as much as mothers and children.

    Okay, that’s all. Let’s just turn off the TV and go write books. :-)

  2. So right, Kasey! I agree with everything you said here. I love The Middle too. It's hilarious! I miss shows like Home Improvement and The Cosby Show. And what your facebook friend true. Sexual immorality is driven home repeatedly (in both straight and gay communities) as the norm, and sadly, that is how we simply just wear down and start to accept everything as fine and healthy. We lived in Italy for a year and had NO TV - I loved it. Didn't even miss it. Because of kids, and hubby, and sports and news, we went back to it when we returned, but I so regret that there aren't better shows on. :-(

  3. I am with you guys on this one!! I don't watch TV, I only watch select shows on Netflix. (which doesn't say much, since there isn't much to watch there) But I have to add two shows that I have really enjoyed watching, and I'm anticipating the next seasons to be put on Netflix!! Two of my favorites are Psych and Warehouse 13! Love them!

  4. Boo! I'd heard so many great things about the show that I was planning to watch it this summer while the rest of TV land is on a hiatus. Thanks for letting me know it's lost its worth.



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