Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Preserve A History--Your Families

I'm really sad to announce that Gina has stepped down from writing with MMW for now. We will definitely miss her on MMW! But to fill in for a bit, I've convinced my wonderful little sister, Tiffany, to do a series of posts about writing family histories, which is her specialty! So give Tiffany a nice warm welcome to MMW!! 

Hi y'all! I wrote before about writing your own personal history, but I rather enjoy writing my immediate family history. I am not one to write about myself (although I still need to write it). I feel like there isn't much exciting about my stay-at-home mom life. I have only one child so we aren't as busy as some families so I tend to think that me, just me, is kinda boring. But the things I do with my husband and daughter are fun and exciting. I love that we love family movie nights, family home evening, our sledding adventures & snow shoeing (we live in Alaska), our family time with General Conference, and many, many more things that we do together. We have a great time as a family, and like most of you do too. I don't know about most of you but I still blog and I use Face Book. I know that most of us just think sure but that it is just quick and easy to post a few pictures or something funny our child said in a quick post on Face Book; but you are writing down your families history! Our friends laugh and our families add their two cents to these quick posts... this is part of your family histories. There are ways that we can preserve our blog posts and our Face Book posts. 
One of my favorite places to turn my blog into a book is at blurb.com. I have made several of these books over the years and love them. As I am turning my blog into a book I constantly ask myself the questions in the picture above, so that I can have a clearer picture of the events that I posted about. My daughter just loves going through our past years and reliving the events and fun that we have had. 
There is also a site that I like for Face Book is called My Social Book. This one makes your Face Book into a book. It also adds all the comments and likes. It is fun. Of course you have to pay for these books to be made but not for the software to make the books.But why not save all those posts and blog entries! 
Start out easy, and remember your all ready writing your family history. Every time you take a picture your writing your family history! So have fun, take a little time and preserve all those precious memories you have with your family. 


  1. I love it! It's awesome to know I'm already doing my family history! One more thing to cross off my to do list!

  2. I love family history and my dad was so into it years ago he has traced our families history back many generations



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