Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers May


By Beckie Carlson

Mother's Day is all about the dads. I know that sounds weird, but if it weren't for the dad there probably wouldn't be any celebrations. I say this to make myself feel better. My kids don't have a dad...and mother's day didn't happen at my house. Who was there to remind them that they like me? No one. Especially now that the oldest has moved out. She is also a mother, so...she would have remembered.
After having just the smallest of pity parties for myself, I realized maybe the reason my kids didn't do any thing for me is because I suck as a mom. I did a little mental inventorying and realized I have fallen to the lower levels of momhood. I work every day, I am going to school, I don't cook much, and I'm tired. By the time I have five minutes to relax, I'm asleep. Maybe my kids felt like there was nothing to celebrate. I'd have to agree with them.
My mind went back to my previous life when I was a stay at home mom. I spent my days cooking, cleaning, scrapbooking, running errands, and meeting both kids and hubby at the door when they arrived home. After school snacks, home cooked meals, freshly baked bread....yeah, that was me. I wasn't a perfect mom, but I was present. Lately, I feel like I don't even recognize myself as I come and go.
Years ago, I was introduced to the 5 love languages, as were many of you. I gave the test to myself, my husband, and my kids. Even though they were little, it was fun to see what they came up with. I got to thinking today that it would be a fun idea to take the tests again. I know I have changed a lot and I bet my kids have too. It may not be the most spiritual family home evening, but that is my plan.
Speaking of FHE, I had a nice chat with my bishop today. He is the third bishop I've had since I became widowed. The other two were good, but this guy has a way of making me cry whenever I talk to him. I think it is because he cries too. I can tell he truly cares and he has true empathy for me and my life trials. After we both teared up a bit, he told me in his fire and brimstone voice, "You are a good mom!" He is quite convincing. He also gave our lesson in Relief Society. One thing that stuck out to me was him saying we were all good moms. He said that when we stress and worry and cry over our kids, that is being a good mom. The bad moms are the ones that don't care. They don't worry and they don't try.
That's what I needed to hear today. I've been feeling a bit of stress. My kids are amazing. Strong. Capable. And scary as hell with some of their choices. I worry I didn't teach them enough. I worry I screwed them up. I worry they will disappear and fall into diverse traps. Now, thanks to my bishop, I feel like I'm not a complete failure.
It also doesn't hurt that I got to Skype with my missionary son today. He kept telling me how much he loves me and our family. He told me I was the reason he went on a mission. He blamed it all on me. He is loving it. I wish I could take the credit, but I know it was his choice and that he has always been an amazing person. But it sure feels nice to hear that. Especially on Mother's Day.
Cause I said so.
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  1. Yes as a child my dad would give me money to go and do some Mother's Day shopping for mum, and now days when the child is at school there is always a Mother's Day stall at the school as long as mum or dad remembers to give the child money for the stall. In this family it is mum aka me who arranges presents and such, my youngest daughter is a single parent her sons father is not in the picture so I made sure he had a present for her.

  2. On all these holidays, there are probably people who feel left out, and people who are alone. God bless you and your efforts. God hold widows close and in high esteem. You are blessed.



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