Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Writing Teaches Important Work Skills

By Nikki Wilson

I've recently been asked at work how many words per minute I type. I didn't even blink and replied that last time I checked I typed 72 wpm. So for fun, I took some online typing tests...and then I took them again...and again...and again. My highest score was only 54 wpm??!! What in the world is going on? Then I realized, I don't really type at work, and for the past year I've been editing my books, not writing new ones and I haven't even worked on edits since the beginning of April. So what does this mean? It means I can tell my husband and my kids that I need to be writing more often to keep up my valuable marketable skill of typing.

It also means I may need to join in on Camp Nanowrimo in July. Well, I better go work on my next book idea because I need to get to typing SOMETHING!!


  1. I no longer have any idea how fast I type, have to say I think in some ways using a computer keyboard is easier to make mistakes on though.

  2. Nikki! What Friday in May do you want me to post? Haven't heard from you. I guess next Friday? Email me. :-)

  3. Ha! That was funny. And yes, I totally think you can use a need for increased wpm as an excuse to do lots more writing. :)



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