Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Breaks are Good

By Kathy Lipscomb

I recently went on an editing binge. Every moment that my children didn't need me, I pulled out my laptop and did some hard core edits. I rewrote chapters, I strengthened characters throughout, I fixed minuscule details other's noticed but I hadn't, and more.

I thought when I had finished, I could jump into the next book with the same vigor.

But I'm so tired.

I decided to take a break instead. I've only been on break for less than a week, and I can feel my desire to write returning.

I'm on my fourth book (reading).

I've Netflix binged more than I'd like to admit. Heh heh...

I've spent extra time with my kids, playing puzzles and reading more books than we normally do.

                                   [Pretend I have a picture of my disaster house here.] :)

I crocheted gifts for friends with kids. Like an Anger hat for my friend's baby:

 Or a dress for my other friend's baby on the way:

This one is my favorite. I made a TMNT Hat/Mask for my son's friend's birthday, but then my son wanted one too:

My two year old is so cute. And oh hey, you can see some of the mess in my house! :)

Anyway, my point is--Breaks are good.

What do you do on your break from writing?


  1. Right now, I'm breaking more than I'm writing, so it's time for that particular pendulum to c'mon back!

  2. Absolutely! Making the time to write is important, especially on a daily basis. Writing is the only way to improve our skill, but sometimes we need a break to clear our minds and get us ready to go again. :)

  3. Also, (I wanted to add this, but accidentally submitted due to kids and earliness), good luck on getting back to writing! I'm ready to jump back in, and sometimes that's the hardest part.

  4. Man, very impressive! I wish my breaks looked like that. Unfortunately they look more like Facebook surfing...

    1. I do a lot of that too! Also the Netflix bingeing like I mentioned. I'm part way through LOST even though I know it's all going to be a disappointment. I just can't help myself. :)



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