Saturday, September 5, 2015

Gotta go back,... back,... back to school again!

By Lacey Gunter

Twas the night before the start of school and all through the house
all the creatures were stirring, even the computer mouse.

New outfits were laid out on the couch with care
in hopes they'd be worn with a confident air.

The children were restlessly chatting in bed  
About teachers and recess and the day ahead.

And mom in the kitchen filling lunches and packs,
while dad checks his bank account, hoping it's black.

When finally silence and sleep fill the air,
no sooner do alarm clocks begin to blare.

The sleepy heads stumble and arise with a clatter,
Then quickly and nimbly they began to scatter,

With showers and breakfasts and running around
searching for shoes that are ne'er to found.

Pictures are taken and vans loaded tight,
then off they all zoom like a jet taking flight.

The school is a bustle, the tension is thick,
The kids are all anxious and start to feel sick

Till their teachers all smile and wave with a knack,
"Happy first day to all, and to all welcome back!"


  1. Oh the day before school goes back can be so nerve racking, I remember those days, I have never understood how some children want to miss or skip the first day, that is the day you find out what class you're in and in high school that is the time you get your timetable so you know what room to be in for each lesson............

  2. Such a cute poem! Sent my oldest off to middle school today...*gulp!* Just me and the little one at home. I think she misses them. :-)



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