Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful of Course!

by Patricia Cates

For all of you today who are currently elbow deep in a bird or knee high in potato peels, thank you! Thank you for being a great mom, dad, cook, teacher, friend, grandparent or leader. Thank you for serving on a holiday; and being patient, and cleaning and watching out for loved ones, and being a creator and contributor of all things homey. You are what this day is all about...tradition and history and love.

I'd like to invite everyone who follows this wonderful Mormon Mommy Writer's & Friends group to share what they are thankful for. As it snows outside and the temperature begins to drop to a low of seven tonight, I am undoubtedly thankful for a full belly, a roof over my head, the special spirits dwelling under it with me, indoor plumbing and a hot water heater that works. It might sound frivolous but right now I'm sure that there are folks in our city that are mighty cold, lonely or worse. What are YOU grateful for? 


  1. I'm grateful I live in Florida! No snow or 7 degrees to contend with! :-)

    1. Sounds fabulous! Been there once and fell in love. You are a lucky lady :)



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