Friday, April 1, 2016

Five Amazing Things Twilight Did For Us

This post will be an ode to the generational phenomenon: Twilight (both books and films)

1. Thanks to Twilight, mothers and daughters across the country were able to bond over the dangerous, yet dreamy vampire and the naturally clumsy girl. These mothers and daughters were brought together under the fan name: Twi-Hards. There was even a website dedicated to the fandom. If you would like to delve deeper into this secret society consisting of mostly teenagers and their mothers, here is the link:

2. Twilight also brought forth the question of would we rather fall in love with an old, (though good looking) dead person or a half-man, half-wolf (also very good looking) man. Without Twilight, we would never have thought this dilemma was a viable worry.

3. Twilight also brought about certain fan fiction that became a big (and very nasty) hit. We shall not name this particular work, but, though it was poorly written, it was very popular and even had a movie made of it. And that's enough said about that...

4. Twilight is also a beacon of hope. Stephanie Meyer showed us unpublished authors that a cheesy romance story starring a sparkly vampire can be published and sell well. REALLY well.

5. Also, we would never have seen a multitude of actors blossom and reach their full potential in their  chosen career. Just look at these masterful facial expressions.

I hope this helped catch your Twilight heart and helped your love for vampires grow!

April Fools :) 

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