Saturday, April 2, 2016

I Heart General Conference

By Lacey Gunter

This is one of my favorite weekends of the year.  For those not of the LDS faith, this is the weekend we, Mormons, get to sit at the knees of apostles and a prophet and drink deeply from the cup of their spiritual wisdom, insight and inspiration. It is something I treasure and look forward to all year long.

Often times when members of the LDS faith tell people about the blessings and joys of being able to hear from the prophet or apostles of the Lord their questions is "Well, what are they saying?" Coming to conference is sometimes like drinking from a firehouse. There are so many amazing and inspired messages that it is difficult to take it all in. But with some preparation, each of us will hear the messages we need to hear individually. So while my neighbor may say the prophet or apostles are saying one thing, I may have need to focus on a different portion of the message. This is not to say everyone is interpreting these messages in wildly different ways. But, rather, that each of us is facing different trials and has different weaknesses we are trying to overcome. In the wide array of messages we get to hear, we can each gain individual inspiration to know how to best deal with our particular trial or weakness.

Here are a couple of the messages that spoke to my heart today:

1.  Don't delay offering help to someone who is calling out in need, simply because you don't have a good game plan on how to help. When help is needed, step up now and trust the Lord will direct your efforts in the way they are needed. Take action and effort and inspiration will come.

2. Forgiveness does not overwrite justice. Our choosing to forgive someone who has hurt or trespassed us, will not remove the demands of justice and consequences for their actions. It will simply help us to be free from being a victim over and over again and will open the doors for grace to act in our lives.

3. I am a daughter of God. While my earthly situation is often not ideal, my spiritual DNA is perfect.  I can face trials with confidence when I remember who I am and where I came from.

I hope each of you who listened to conference today felt personally inspired by the messages that were important for you. I encourage those who did not partake or who have never partaken, to come and taste the sweet joy that is felt when the spirit speaks to your heart through a prophet of God and lets you know of God's great love and caring for you, his child.

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