Monday, April 11, 2016

The Problem With Muses

10:30pm- Getting Ready for Bed

You know that one part in the story where she finds out that he's the one with the ring? You should move that right after the scene in the car.

Okay, I will.

You should write this down or you'll forget.

But I'm in the middle of brushing my teeth.

But you'll forget. Just write it down real quick!

Okay, FINE.

[I rush out of bathroom with toothbrush hanging out of my mouth to reach the pen & paper on my nightstand.]

11:30pm- In Bed, Almost Asleep

Greg didn't set the fire.


Greg didn't set the fire! Don't you see? Rick made it LOOK like Greg set the fire, but he only did it because he wanted to make it look like Greg was getting back at Alison for the thing at the restaurant. This is HUGE!

Wow, okay...but it's almost midnight.

But this is HUGE!! HUUUUUGE!

I know...but...I was almost asleep.

Kasey. Sleep or success? SLEEP or SUCCESS? Come on, which is really more important??


YES! Get your butt out of bed and WRITE this DOWN!

Okay, okay, fine.

[I flick on my bedside light and start writing.]

1am- Trying (and Failing) to Get Back to Sleep

Why haven't you told me this before? 

Because you never asked. 

Why would I ask you about something like that? Come on, Alison. We can't keep playing these games. I need to know the truth.

What if the truth is too complicated? What if the truth will tear apart everything you've ever known? What if-

What are you doing?

I'm coming up with some amazing dialogue. And it's for a pivotal moment in the story, too. 

It's ONE o'clock in the MORNING.

This stuff is coming fast and furious. Are you going to write this down?

I'm trying to SLEEP here! I am literally LYING IN BED with my eyes closed.

You're right. Too much to write down on your little notepad. It's coming in a flood now- she said in a voice that broke his heart- oh, man- his breath caught in his throat- okay, get up! Time to go downstairs! We need a computer!

It's ONE AM!

You keep saying that like it matters. Um, hel-LO? InspiRATION happening here!

[gets out of bed]

You're killing me. You are actually. killing. me.

Death or success? Death or success? Hmm....

Shut up. If you weren't so darn good I would fire you.



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