Thursday, August 12, 2010

Online Writer's Conferences

Thanks to Megan for posting the information about WriteOn Con that is going on this week.  I believe today is the last day.  But like Megan said we can still access the information after it's over for those of us like me who had to work and barely got to get on. 
Online Writer's Conferences are a wonderful new invention and I love them!  Another one coming up soon is "The Muse Online Writer's Conference".  It too is free if you register before the 15th of this month.  That is in just in THREE DAYS!!  After the 15th, there will be a $5 late charge and after Sept. 10th registration is closed.  I attended this conference last year and learned more than I could imagine.  I even got to do an online pitch to an Andrea Brown Literary Agent.  It's awesome.  Can't wait to see you all in the chat rooms of The Muse Online Writer's Conference in October!!


  1. Wow! This looks fantastic, Nikki. So glad I decided to check out your blog tonight! I'm sold.

  2. Jennifer - glad you came on over. Come back next Thursday, I'm going to have a summary of your class from the retreat up. I was hoping to have it done for today's post, but it didn't happen. Glad you'll be joining me in Oct. for the Muse online conference. It will be loads of fun!

  3. Nikki, thanks for posting that info for the Muse Conference! <3



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