Wednesday, August 18, 2010

While A Meteor Destroyed My House I Sold Six Novels!

So life of late has been, to put it mildly, interesting. Things I thought I'd outgrown, personality defects I'd rubbed away against the pumice stone of life, suddenly have come rushing back to the surface. Where there had been a shiny reflection of God's beauty, it's now pock-marked, dull, and lifeless.

So my title. What does that have to do with my angst, you say? I had signed up a few months ago for the Muse Online Writers Conference that Nikki talked about last week. A couple of days ago I got an email with the info on the different things available to participate in.

One presentation (I won't name it, but if you see it, you'll know which one I'm talking about) was from someone who is a lovely lady, a perfect mother, and a prolifically fabulous writer. I assume so, anyway, because her blurb for her presentation said something about having every disaster known to man crash through her house, but she still sold a bajillion novels, and "YOU CAN, TOO!" 

I don't doubt it. I'm sure when the time comes, I will participate in that particular presentation because I want to know the secret. (Which I'm sure is something basic like "write everyday", "have a great outline so you never lose your way while writing", or "put all your kids in a spaceship and welcome them home in twenty years while you write".)

But until then, I'm going to crawl under a rock and lick my wounds. This writing business is brutal on the ego.


  1. I like the idea of putting your kids in a least for a few hours every day.

  2. I agree, this spaceship idea is intriguing! What's the name of the company? Virgin Galactic?

    Megan I've had similar difficulties lately, with the old bad habits creeping back into my life and I wonder, why I'm struggling against them so much? I believe it is because the adversary knows what we are capable of and he is doing everything in his power to stop us from succeeding. So think of it this way, he's afraid of your power so he is trying to diminish it. (Gives me courage to think that way.)

  3. Ego?? Are writers even allowed to have one of those? I think the whole publishing process is meant to seep out every ounce of ego a writer started with!!

    I'm so with you on this one. Life does happen and we are supposed to write because of the crazy things that happen around us. Unfortunately I sometimes use those things as my excuse for not writing. But I'm learning that the external things that happen aren't what keep me from writing, it's the internal things that block my creativity and hope for future success. So I will be searching for this class you are talking about and I'll sit right next to you for that one (well cyberly speaking of course!)

  4. This is when it's so SO important to remember that what works for you, works for you and to keep doing things your way.

  5. That would be great, Jolene, IF I could actually find something that worked, lol.



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