Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time Out

As a writer, I feel the need to get myself out there. Blogging. Facebooking. Conferences. That way, I have a following for when I am published.

For now, I need to put that away and do what is really important.

I mean, really . . .

This message made me cry. I love how the dad folds his laptop and listens to his son.
I should be doing that. And I will.

Brigham City Temple Progress:

Not much different. They have removed most of the blacktop and are starting to stake out the boundaries.


  1. I shouldn't have watched this before church. It totally made me cry, now I'm worried about my mascara!! LOL! Thanks for posting.

  2. Great video Lizzie, thanks for sharing. *sniff* Now I have to close my computer and go spend some time with Mr. Josh.

  3. Thank you guys. It's something that I've been guilty of NOT doing and my time with my kids is precious. I'll have to go back to my old way when I did things on my own time (when they are sleeping). *hugs*

  4. Thank you for sharing. Touching video and such an important message.



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