Friday, December 10, 2010

Stuck Between Hurdles: An Analogy

The hurdles are in place.  There are people already running the race.  You never heard the starting gun, but have decided you better get running.  There are runners gliding through the hurdles at a pace that seems inhuman.  There are runners who are too afraid to exit the starting blocks.  Some runners just plow through upsetting all the hurdles in their wake.  As you run, the hurdles seem to come at you with no rhyme or reason in their placement making it too difficult to set your stride length.  

You run the first few hurdles and gain your footing.  Other runners are still zooming past.  You lose your focus, and end up falling over a hurdle and sprawled out in the middle of your lane.  It is hopeless.  You have lost sight of the finish line.  Your reasons for running are clouded.  In your fall, you lost one of your running shoes.  You are wounded.  You pick yourself and the fallen hurdle up from the ground.

The hurdles ahead are spaced so close together. You have no room to gain enough inertia to get over the next one.  With a low hung head, you admit defeat. You are stuck between hurdles.  Maybe it is time to bow out of the race.

Where are you at in your race?  
Have you ever been stuck between hurdles? 
What helps you to finish the race?


  1. What a perfect visual for how I feel when it comes to writing!!

  2. Beautiful comparison. It seems the further we get in the race, the taller the hurdles become!

  3. Sometimes it is not about racing at all, but putting forth our best efforts. I hope that I can endure it all and learn to never give up even when the task seems too great. All we can do is try. We may have failures, but learn from them and try again. Try, try, try . . .



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