Sunday, February 20, 2011


For the past several months, it's been a great struggle for me to maintain a healthy balance between housework, family, writing and church. I've prayed and asked for blessings on this.

Based upon inspiration, I am to create a detailed schedule from the time I awake until I go to bed. So it looks something like this:

6:00  wake up
8:00  say good bye to kids for school/read scriptures/shower/journal
9:00  breakfast
10:30 read to my preschooler

and so on, so on. I know it sounds crazy, but ever since I wrote it down that way, it's helped me stay in line! This past week has been the MOST productive week I've had in over  a year!

I've been able to squeeze in my editing, cleaning, homework time, childtime, hubby time, networking time...I take Sundays off. Whew!

How do you manage your time?


Our Brigham City Temple! Click here for regular updates!


  1. Great picture! It always helps me to write my to-do down.

    I didn't know they were that far along with the temple. Way cool!

  2. I need to do something, because my answer to your question right now is "not very well".

    Yay for the temple going up, btw! We just found out today when the groundbreaking is going to be for our chapel! (we've been borrowing from another stake since ours was burned down in October) It's exciting to see new buildings going up for the church!

  3. Kathi, hi! It's amazing how fast its going!

    Erin, so happy that your chapel is on its way! I'm sorry to hear that it burnt down. When I was a little girl, we met at an elementary school for a very long time. I can't remember why? :/



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