Friday, February 18, 2011

Round-About Writing

Writing a novel is a lot like driving around the Arc de Triomphe.  

You have all these ideas and hope to converge them into one novel.  You have to be a little crazy and a little daring to drive right into the middle of things.  Sometimes you get cut off, some things may hold you up.  There are no lines that you must stay within.  You forge your own path.  Heck, you may even end up in a few accidents in the process.  You may miss your stop the first time around.  But you just keep going until you get another shot.  But in the end you come out on the other side and you feel grateful to be alive with a great sense of accomplishment.  (At least that is what I am assuming.)

Below is just one of many videos on You Tube about this crazy one of a kind roundabout.

Where are you at in your roundabout?

 You really should check out the links under the picture to get a better vision of the process.  Great stuff there.

By. Amber Lynae


  1. Hahaha, Amber. What a good analogy. I must say I had to hold my breath through most of that video. It was crazy!!

  2. how did i miss this post! i love it and the anolgy - thanks for sharing!



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