Monday, February 14, 2011

To Love and New Beginnings

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m Jessie Oliveros, your new Monday girl. A quick introduction because I know you have sugar cookies to bake and chocolates to eat (and diapers to change and children to feed and noses to wipe…)

I grew up in Kansas, attended BYU, graduated with a degree in Nursing, and married the cute counselor at EFY. I worked as a cardiac nurse until one husband’s graduate degree and two children later, I officially became a stay-at-home mom.

Which is the best job in the WORLD. I think.

I’ve always read. And read. And read. I had nerdy glasses and frizzy hair and a boy in sixth grade called me the human computer. Oh yes, and I read ALL THE TIME. I was the coolest kid on the block.

I really picked up on writing in college, but officially decided to pursue it two years ago. (And incidentally, started blogging about the same time.) Since then I have written the first draft of my YA book, Pieces of Moon, and have since been working on the Rewrite That Never Ends (because I have diapers to change and children to feed and noses to wipe.)

And in honor Valentine’s Day and because my picture is not yet up on the sidebar, here is a picture of my husband and me before we got married and got old.

I’ve been around since the first generation of MMW’s, and I’d have to say that stumbling across this blog was very fortuitous because it became my launching point into the blogosphere. Some of my favorite blogging friends were found right here, and I’m looking forward to being part of it now.


  1. YAY! So glad you are our new writer!! Thank you for saying yes!! You're so awesome!

  2. Aww! Jessie, I just love you! Congrats on being the new MMW. I look forward to reading your posts here. I'm also slow on the rewrites that never end but for different reasons: cracking the whip on homeschoolers and YWs (which is now over so maybe I'll make more progress *crosses fingers*) and reading and driving kids around and time with the hubby.

  3. Welcome Jessie!

    I'm so glad to meet you. I too started writing about two years ago (okay I dabbled for about a year before that but it was never more than a paragraph at a time.)

    I can't wait to get to know you better.

  4. Welcome, Jessie! So glad to have you aboard. I hope your move was smooth. Can't wait to read more about you!



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