Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Audition

JESUS and the Woman at the well Pictures, Images and Photos

Not too long ago I auditioned for the Church's New Testament Project. I studied John 4 incessantly to learn my lines for my audition. I did more than that. Understanding the importance of research and making my main characters believable in my novels, I spent hours researching the events that lead up to the woman's dialogue with Christ. Way back to Esau.

I studied the social rules. I studied the political practices. I studied maps.

One thing that helped me the most was the short story I wrote involving the Samaritan woman and our Savior Jesus Christ. I inserted the scriptural dialogue between both. All, so that I could get into the PoV's head. I fasted and prayed and asked for blessings so that I could FEEL the part.

Never in my life have I studied a single passage of scripture so intensely. Never in my life have I imagined Christ standing before me as I conversed with him as someone exactly had, word for word. It wrenched my heart to do that. Wrenched it in the way that it made me understand His love for the woman. His love for ME!

I am humbled for this opportunity to learn more about His love for us. It has changed me.

What experience in your life has changed you?


  1. Beautiful story.

    I have been changed in bits and pieces and no one event stands out.

  2. So I'm dying to know if you got the part??

    As far what you were talking about, writing my non-fiction book is like that for me. Every little lesson, or talk, or general conference has felt personal lately because I get inspiration for my writing. It's such a beautiful experience and one I will always treasure, too.



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