Monday, March 19, 2012

Manuscript in Motion Mondays: To Blog or Not to Blog?

Okay, so I'm feeling a bit like this frog with my Manuscript in Motion Mondays...last week we had one- yes, count it ONE- link-up. But, for the record, it was an AWESOME post by our very own Mandi Thomson on her blog, Maybe Mandi. She wrote about how much dystopian novels have inspired her and she pointed out how we can sometimes not even realize where our inspiration comes from until we start to track our reading habits. Go check it out! And a big thanks to Mandi for supporting me in my crazy blog party idea!

As for the rest of you...(toe tap, tap, tap)

Just kidding, I'm not mad. I'm still not giving up on you, though. Just a reminder, here's how it works. Last week I gave you a topic. In case you missed it, here it is:

How have you used your writing talents to bless others? If you feel you haven't had the opportunity to do so, I encourage you to pray about it this week and keep your eyes open, for "...there are chances for good all around just now, opportunities right in your way. Do not let them pass by, saying sometime I'll try, but go and do something today!" (read the full post here)

1. Write a post on this topic for your personal blog.

2. Copy & paste the html code for our button into your "Edit Html" tab for your post.

Mormon Mommy Writers

3. Publish your post on your personal blog, then copy & paste the link for it into the Mr. Linky tool at the bottom of this post. Be sure where it says "name" you put something like Your Name @ Your Blog Name or Your Post Title @ Your Blog Name.

Easy enough, right? You are welcome to link up ALL week. Yes, even up until Sunday night. I'll be clicking through the links as they are posted, and, like Mandi's this week, I may feature your post in my post next week. Good publicity for you!

Okay, so now I'm going to delve into my new topic, which you'll be able to ruminate on all week and get your post up about it between now and two weeks from now. I like to give you time to ponder.

So my question this week is actually very relevant to Manuscript in Motion Mondays: As a writer, do you think that blogging is beneficial to you? If you have a blog, do you feel that it is beneficial to your writing skills? Do you use it as a platform to advertise your work and make a name for yourself? Do you feel that it makes you more accessible to your readers?

Personally, I love blogging on here because it's such a supportive environment and I love the opportunity to connect with other writers who have the same values and concerns that I have. Plus, I get to ramble on and on and NOBODY CAN STOP ME! BWAHAHAHAAA!

Just kidding.

I also love blogging on my other blog, The Beautiful Thrifty Life, because it gives me something to write about, and a way to combine all the things I love: writing, crafting, homemaking, and being thrifty. I also love the visual aspect of the photography.

So think on this question this week: Why do you blog? And, if you don't, have you considered it? Why not? (Obviously, if you don't blog you can't exactly write a post about it on your own blog- a comment would suffice.) :-)

See y'all next week! I'm looking forward to your links! (hint, hint!)


  1. I'm getting into this whole blogging thing. I write here of course. Then my own personal blog, And if that wasn't enough, I blog at That was my first one and my baby.
    I started it after losing the seventy five pounds, and I really wanted a place where I could share my experience and provide support for the long haul for others.

  2. First off - that picture took me on a trip down memory lane. It was the front page of my Chem 101 syllabus at BYUH when I was a freshman ten years ago! I can't believe it's been a whole decade...

    Anyway, thanks for the shot out - I finally got this week's post up (late) but I'm not sure if the linky tool is working?...?

    Also, I totally forgot to add the widget! Whoops! Sorry, you're working with an amateur here - maybe I'll do better with next weeks topic...



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