Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So this week is spring break for us. This means lots of lying around for the kids and a lot more work for mom. It is what makes me think "Now am I really sure I can't wait for summer?"
That also means that I don't do a whole lot of writing. Even as I type two little boys are demanding that I find every little thing on "Lego Star Wars" for the xBox as exciting as they do.
So here is my question for you other writers with children. When these school holidays come around, especially summer vacation, how do you deal with the demands of children and writing? How do you parcel out your time for family and writing? What do you do to keep that time sacred? Or do you just cram writing into every spare second that crosses your path? And if that's what you do, how do you keep focus from moment to spare moment? I want to be prepared this summer before summer even arrives.


  1. I'm eagerly awaiting answers from the rest of the group. I'm a mom of a 2-year-old (no school), with a deployed husband (no one else to hand off to). I haven't made any progress on writing at all in the months since my husband deployed. Before that, it was slow... Do I have to wait until my daughter starts preschool (at which point, there might be another little one), or is there a trick I'm missing someplace?

  2. You're right Megan, it's such a delicate balance. I've tried fitting writing time in before the rest of the family wakes up (unsuccessfully - the moment I start typing, it's as though an alarm goes off in the kid's heads - mum's up! time for breakfast!), during nap time (which no longer exists), and then in the evening, when everyone's gone to bed (if I can overcome the allure of my pillow long enough to just start typing!).

    I think the answer is personal, but at this young motherhood stage of our lives comes as in little bits and pieces wherever you can.



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