Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Need Balance?

If there were a photographer in my house today this picture could totally be of my son and I.   It can be hard getting to the computer.  There is always something coming between me and my computer, whether is it cooking, cleaning, or mothering.  Some weeks the only well rounded meals my family gets are pizza, toaster waffles, or donuts. 

But I am a mother and a writer.  Both things bring me joy; however, sometimes it is hard to find the balance between.  I recently read a great article by Tristi Pinkston published at LDS Publisher's Blog "Tips for the Writing Mom."  Her tips are full of wisdom.  You should check them out if you are like me and struggling for some balance. 

I want to hear from you.   
What methods do you use to balance business of being a Mormon Mommy Writer?


  1. For awhile I was setting aside Tuesday nights as my time to focus on writing. My hubby has meetings every Tuesday so I didn't feel like I was ostracizing him, and it made it so that I didn't stress so much during the rest of the week- I knew that I could jot down a few notes here and there as I got ideas but I'd have my 2 hours on Tuesday to work on it. I need to get back in the habit of doing that!

  2. I've written 2 books with kids on my lap. I usually try to write at nap time, but my kids don't always fall asleep on schedule. I don't think there's really any secret other than persistence.

  3. So true - that picture could ring true for me as well, if only the little boy were banging on the keyboard excitedly...

    I have found that finding balance is such a personal thing, that while there are lots of ways to do so, some things will work for one person and not for another. My big thing was no more TV. We cancelled our cable and suddenly I have oodles more time to write. Who knew it was eating so much time every evening?



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