Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime, When All You See is White?

The "white screen of death", I mean. On my lap top. Meaning I can no longer access my WIP until I have someone fix it. I'm very stressed. It worked fine the whole time I was at my retreat, and I didn't get all my chapters that I'd written onto Google docs. Just one. Out of four. Shame on me for being lazy, and now I'm reaping the rewards if it.
And then we went on vacation, and I didn't write. And now I'm getting kids ready for school and trying to dig out from the chaos of going through old clothes, toys, and random clutter so I can feel like we are attacking this school year head on.
So what does one do when faced with a computer shortage? I turn to pen and paper. Scary thing, that. But I like this notebook I have, filling with notes and ideas and possibilities for this story. I've realized I don't brainstorm or create outlines of any kind via the computer very well. The organic nature of pen and paper seems to appeal to my creative side. I'd never thought it would work for me, but it seems to be, at least this time.
There's something else I do in the summertime--mid August, in fact. It's call WriteOnCon. It is a FREE online writer's conference for children's writers and illustrators. So picture books through YA is the focus. And did I mention it was FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE? Go check it out. Tuesday and Wednesday, August 14-15. Authors, agents, and loads of crazy fun and info. In fact right now there is a contest being sponsored as part of it that with the first page (450 words) of your completed MG/YA, you could win $1000 and possible representation from Catherine Drayton. Did I mention it was free yet?

Go. Check. It. OUT. NOW.

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